DeviceBits offers COVID-19 resources to help companies & call centers maintain customer service levels 

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Solutions offer self-assist materials, intelligent agent assistance, and chatbot transfer functionality

DeviceBits, a Results Company and a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software provider, today announced several AI- and Chatbot-based support resources for companies and their call center partners to ensure proper service levels remain for end user customers during the global COVID-19 outbreak and containment efforts.

Global companies and their customer service representatives have increasingly been ordered to work from home, especially in call center-heavy locations around the world such as the Philippines, Latin America and the United States.

In order to maintain proper customer service levels, and to support the increasingly remote workforce population for call center staff, DeviceBits has made available COVID-19-specific AI and ChatBot-enabled solutions that offer self-support for general and high-volume customer questions; intelligent agent assistance with live agent chat and messaging; and an AI-powered chatbot with transfer functionality for special technical issues.

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“AI can help bridge the gap in maintaining the right level of customer service,” said JC Ramey, CEO of DeviceBits. “These solutions are still evolving but the technology has proven to efficiently and effectively provide customers with quick and accurate answers to many questions they have, while also equipping agents with the resources they need in order to remotely and successfully handle customer service issues on more pressing and technical issues.”

DeviceBits COVID-19 quick start resources immediately available include:


  • Self-support web-based knowledge center to:
    • Provide COVID-19 Quick Answers
    • Deflect call volumes during this challenging time
    • Assist with common Account Management needs

CareAssist+ chime

  • Intelligent Agent Assistance + Live Agent Chat & Messaging
  • Scale Agents more efficiently
  • Train Agents in a fraction of the time
  • “Flatten the curve” of peak call times with asynchronous messaging

BOT+ chime

  • AI Powered chatbot with transfer functionality
  • Automate customer requests
  • Coverage for off-hour support
  • Deflect human-to-human interaction
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Successful brands that utilize the right bot+ approach will leverage and apply practical AI, tied into self-support downloadable materials accessed by customers. This integrated approach is the only way for bots to truly learn over time, along with NLP, that will ultimately provide each customer with the best possible bot interaction and experience and will keep customers coming back for additional engagement and successful use during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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