Dell’s partnership with Meta to enable enterprises innovate and adopt augmented reality applications 

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Dell has partnered with Silicon Valley based company, Meta, becoming the first reseller to deliver Meta 2 Augmented Reality (AR) Development kit to commercial customers. It will help them innovate and leverage AR technology to advance their business practices.

The Meta 2 is a robust optical engine which can overlay photorealistic content and virtually employ holographic 3D content just with touch.

The partnership will expand the distribution reach of AR, making it more accessible for business deployment, especially in healthcare, manufacturing and construction industries. It will address the unique needs of these industries by providing tools to create immersive experiences.  

“We’re excited about this new partnership with Meta and the opportunity to further transform industries with AR,” said Rahul Tikoo, VP and General Manager, Dell Precision workstations. “There continues to be tremendous potential for VR and AR across various industries and in addition to building technology powerful enough for the job, we’re also committed to working with our innovative partners to make AR more comprehensive and accessible for our commercial customers to explore and adopt.”

It can help healthcare industry to train new doctors on holographic dummies instead of expensive real-life replicas. A new tool called Medical Holodeck, will help medical professionals to collaborate in AR, using technology of Dell Canvas and Meta headset.

Dell will also launch ‘AR in a box’ platform for channel partners and sales executives, using which they can show the innovations of Dell Meta AR to clients.

Dell provides AR and VR (virtual reality) technology through its VR/AR Technology Partner Program, and the new offering too will be provided through the same program. This program is a platform for VR and AR innovators to test and collaborate, and get the best out of VR and AR technology.

Dell users will now have the opportunity to get their hands on a seamless AR solution that is considered the best on the market by many,” said Joe Mikhail, Chief Revenue Officer, Meta. “This is a major element of Meta’s ecosystem development initiatives. We are certain our partnership with Dell will deliver our game-changing technology into many creative hands and drive productivity measures to both developers and corporates alike.”

The kit will make Meta AR headset work with Dell professional computers including Dell Precision workstations and Dell Canvas.

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Priced at $1495, the Meta 2 AR Development kit will be available for sale from 15th February through Dell website.

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