Dani Computer join hands with ZNet to protect users from modern cyberthreats

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Dani Computer & Peripheral (also, Dani Computer), a hardware and networking solutions provider, has joined hands with ZNet, the leading distributor of Acronis cyber protection solutions across the globe.

With this partnership, Dani Computer will deliver Acronis’ innovative cyber protection solutions to its customers and help them secure, authenticate, and access data and applications safely.

Acronis range of cyber protection solutions integrate backup, recovery, and next-generation, AI-based anti-malware and protection management into one solution. This integration and automation provide complete cyber protection while increasing productivity and decreasing TCO. With Acronis, Dani Computer will empower its customers to reduce cyber risk and protect their data the easy way with a self-serve solution.

“We are excited to partner with ZNet for Acronis cyber protection solutions. Their advanced cyber protection solutions will take us one-step ahead of our competitors. Alliance with ZNet will enable us to offer some great solutions that will protect our customers against the modern-day sophisticated cyberattacks. The innovative solutions will help our customers get a world-class security experience,” Anitha R (Proprietor), Dani Computer & Peripheral.

“We are happy to partner with Dani Computer. They are dedicated towards providing best-in-class data protection and cybersecurity services to their customers. With ZNet, Dani Computer will be able to successfully deliver the next-generation cyber protection to their customers,” Sabarinathan Sampath, Senior Vice President and COO, ZNet Technologies.

This partnership will be empowered by ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as ZNet is the distributor of Acronis.

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