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Cut the Queues and Stop the Data Fakers: Anyline Launches Contactless Smartphone ID Scanning for Hospitality Industry

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Business Wire

Cut the Queues and Stop the Data Fakers: Anyline Launches Contactless Smartphone ID Scanning for Hospitality Industry

2 Mins read

(New technology scans Australian driving licenses on any smartphone, reducing COVID-19 record-keeping to seconds, and removing the chance to enter fake data)

VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–​Hotels, pubs, and restaurants across Australia are pulling back punters, but losing time to typing. Track and trace regulations require establishments to register information on each guest, causing delays for many patrons, while others are deliberately falsifying their data.

Tackling these issues, Austrian technology firm Anyline has launched software to scan Australian driving licenses and passports on any smartphone. This technology give hospitality personnel a quick and contactless way to gather the data needed from each guest on entry. In contrast to QR code systems, guests do not need to type in their information themselves, meaning incorrect data cannot be entered.

“The hospitality industry is caught between a rock and a hard place: fighting every day to protect jobs and welcome back guests while doing all in their power to ensure safety,” said Anyline CEO Lukas Kinigadner. “But when the staff has a quick and contactless way to register each guest with their own phone, it’s possible to cut the queues, stop anyone entering fake data and ensure the best records are kept for contact tracing”.

The company, founded in 2013, is noted for offering its technology for free to emergency and humanitarian services as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, and is currently used by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for aid distribution. Their technology has also been integrated into the LEAD Horizon COVID-19 home test kits which are sold widely in Austria, delivering results within 24 hours.


About Anyline

Anyline has established itself as a market leader in mobile text recognition. Using the newest and most innovative artificial intelligence approaches, Anyline enables any mobile device to process written characters in real-time, even when offline. It’s not only more accurate than manual data entry but also works 20 times faster.

Anyline is the trusted choice for ID scanning for leading companies and national governments and is used by over 100,000 police officers around the world in their daily work. In Austria, it has also been integrated into a ‘Digital Office’ app which can be used by every Austrian resident to complete municipal tasks such as abode registrations.

The same technology will also soon be integrated to scan new ‘E-Vaccination Passports’, which will vastly improve the process of recording vaccinations. With the most recent Anyline release, verification for ID’s in the EU, North America, and Australia are already in active use with extended coverage planned steadily over the coming months.

With over 300 active business clients producing more than 1 million mobile scans every day, it is clear that the future of data collection is automation and we are proud to be leading the global change.


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