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Google and Salesforce join forces in cloud computing race

Google and Salesforce join forces in cloud computing race

Google and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership where both the companies plan to make their respective services work better with each other, and offer their customers smarter and more collaborative experiences.

Salesforce, the CRM leader, will use Google Cloud as an ideal public cloud provider for its core services as part of the continuously growing global customer base.

“Our partnership with Google represents the best of both worlds for our customers,” said Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce. “There has never been an easier way for companies to run their entire business in the cloud—from productivity apps, email and analytics, to sales, service and marketing apps, this partnership will help make our customers smarter and more productive.”

The Salesforce customers will be able to use G-Suite, the transformative productive and team collaboration services of Google. It will enable them to have intelligent collaboration with integrated services from both the companies.

Salesforce integrated its Lightning with Gmail to allow its customers to surface the CRM data in Gmail and access the customer interactions from Gmail right within Lightning. The emails with high priority content will automatically be identified so that users can interact with customers faster.

The integration of Lightning with Google Sheets will enable users to insert sheets within Salesforce, and the data from Salesforce Records or Reports can be pushed to Google Sheet just with a single click.

Teams can insert any Drive file into Salesforce Quip using the new Quip Live Apps for Google Drive and Google Calendar, which enhances the collaboration among them.

“This partnership is natural; Salesforce CRM and G Suite together will let teams work more productively. Our up-to-a-year at no cost offer makes it possible for eligible Salesforce customers to experience G Suite’s transformative impact. We are also thrilled to have Salesforce announce that their core services will run on our Cloud, and that Salesforce’s Sales and Marketing Clouds will be powering better insights with Google Analytics 360, which is also built on Google Cloud,” said Diane Greene, CEO, Google Cloud. “This will all be a big win for our customers and partners.”

To deliver the most relevant experience to its customers, Salesforce will integrate with Google Analytics. It will form a connection between sales, marketing and advertising data across Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360.

Google already prefers Salesforce for CRM services to engage with its cloud customers, and will continue to do so as part of the agreement.

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Salesforce will continue to use G Suite as its email and productivity partner. The Salesforce customers who are new to Google’s growing productivity and collaboration services will be able to use G Suite free up to one year.

Few of the integrated services between G Suite and Salesforce, including Salesforce Lightning for Gmail, and integrations with Google Drive and Calendar, are already available in market. The other integrated services are expected to be generally available in first half of 2018.

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