Coolwave Communications Launches End-to-End Platform for Developing, Delivering and Monetising International Voice Services

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Cool Operator enables any service provider to provision, manage, bill and grow international voice services with a single seamless platform

Coolwave Communications, a global provider of voice and messaging solutions, has launched its Cool Operator platform to enable organisations of all sizes to monetise and grow international voice services. The comprehensive end-to-end platform removes the barriers to entry into international voice and enables users to rapidly expand their global capabilities. The on-demand, API-enabled platform gives customers full control of their network with a seamless user interface (UI) and access to key markets around the world.

Users can immediately access services including SIP trunking, 2-way voice, hosted PBX and DID management, with billing, fraud prevention, ticketing and reporting integrated into a single, user-friendly platform. The Cool Operator platform enables any business to become a voice operator, with opportunities to grow new revenue streams, increase efficiency, expand in the voice market and provide new solutions to customers.

Cool Operator makes it fast and simple to capture new revenue in international voice. It removes the barriers to serve new global demand and puts the control in the hands of the user,” said Ronan Higgins, Chief Executive Officer at Coolwave Communications. “You don’t have to be an expert in voice to expand your capabilities and quickly and efficiently grow in new markets. You can turn up new services in 24 hours and be serving new customers without the need for physical infrastructure or in-house technical skills. Cool Operator changes what it means to be an international voice service provider and immediately levels the playing field for local and regional voice businesses.”

The Cool Operator platform removes the complexities of voice services, with immediate access to an expanding global network. Operators, resellers and service providers can pick and choose the right solutions for them within the platform, creating a bespoke solution set for their business. Coolwave listens to its customers and offers a fully tailored service end-to-end, with a growing ecosystem that is evolving according to customer demands.

Cool Operator has been designed to be a telco-in-box solution that presents all the capabilities needed to serve the demand for international voice. Users have everything they need to add international voice to their service offering and capture new growth,” said Barry Flanagan, Head of Systems Architecture at Coolwave Communications. “Customers no longer need to work with multiple vendors and integrate multiple services in order to enter the international voice market. They have it all in a single platform that is continually evolving to meet their changing needs. We’re excited to continue refining the platform with a range of new voice and messaging capabilities into the future.”

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