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Zendesk Introduces Conversational Commerce to Deliver Seamless Shopping Experience

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Zendesk, Inc. has announced the launch of its latest innovation, Conversational Commerce, set to revolutionize the way brands engage with their customers. By seamlessly connecting brands with shoppers at every stage of their digital customer experience journey, Conversational Commerce promises to take customer support, marketing, and sales to the next level, all within the context of a conversation.

As customer expectations continue to skyrocket, businesses are quickly realizing that they need to up their game to keep up. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, it’s not enough to just provide excellent customer service – companies need to find ways to seamlessly integrate their customer support with their sales and marketing efforts to create a cohesive and personalized experience.

The latest CX Trends Report from Zendesk has shed light on just how important this is, with a staggering 70% of customers now expecting conversational experiences when they interact with brands. Moreover, 70% of customers are more likely to purchase from companies that offer seamless, conversational experiences.

Regarding this growing trend, Adrian McDermott, CTO of Zendesk, said, “Now that digital is the new storefront, businesses will be able to use Conversational Commerce, built on our powerful messaging platform, to create a richer, more dynamic and interactive experience with their customers, which will ultimately lead to increased loyalty and revenue.”

Conversational Commerce capabilities that companies can look out for

Service personalization

Agents are empowered to action abandoned carts, support active carts, and inform customers about nearby stock to complete purchases. Plus, by sharing feature promotions at the moment, agents can create unforgettable personalized experiences.

Sales acceleration

On the sales front, Conversational Commerce capabilities allow agents to tap into a wealth of data to identify new revenue opportunities. By understanding each shopper’s complete purchase history, merchandise preferences, and browsing journey, agents can offer rich product recommendations for cross-selling and upselling, which can significantly increase overall order value.

Unified data at scale

Businesses can leverage AI to automate conversions and recommendations with the support of over 1,400 pre-built apps and integrations that bring together SKU, inventory, and location data for seamless product tracking, or connect diverse systems for a 360 view of the customer.

Strengthening partnerships with Meta and Shopify

Zendesk is expanding its partnerships with Meta’s WhatsApp and Shopify, enabling businesses to enhance their CX strategies and provide a better shopping experience for their customers. By combining Zendesk and Meta’s WhatsApp, businesses can communicate with their customers and offer a seamless buying experience, without leaving the conversation.

Additionally, Zendesk’s Conversational Commerce, in collaboration with Shopify’s e-commerce platform, enables agents to integrate product catalogs, checkout processes, and promotions into their CX management.

Currently in beta, the Conversational Commerce program is set to become generally available soon.

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