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Companies settling on multi-platform cloud solutions for digital business transformation: Cloud Foundry Report

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digital business transformation cloud foundry report

A recent survey of 600 IT decision makers by Cloud Foundry finds that companies are preferring multiple cloud-native technologies to digitally transform their businesses.

Basically, around 40% of respondents were deploying a combination of platform-as-a-service (PaaS), containers and serverless computing. This is a multi-platform approach.

The aim of using multiple platforms is to gain maximum flexibility and integration across serverless, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning technologies. The seamless integration will optimize the developer productivity and interoperability.

5 key findings of Cloud Foundry report:

1. IT executives looking for a suite of technologies to function interoperable

IT executives indicated a rapid rise in multi-platform strategies, with 77% respondents using PaaS, 72% using containers, and 46% using serverless computing.

More than third (39%) of the respondents were using a combination of these technologies.

Whereas, 64% companies were using a combination of PaaS and containers, 43% using a combination of PaaS and serverless computing, and 42% using a combination of containers and serverless.

Cloud Foundry Report

2. More than half of companies doing a mix of building cloud apps and refactoring traditional ones

Cloud Foundry highlighted that 57% of the companies do a mix of building new cloud-native applications and refactor existing applications, up from 48% in late 2017.

Particularly, 20% companies primarily build new cloud-native apps (up 5%), while only 13% were primarily refactoring (down 11%).

3. Containers cross the chasm

According to Cloud Foundry, the containers have crossed the chasm, because they help companies to test out cloud-native technologies on their journey to cloud.

72% of the respondents said their companies were using or evaluating containers, an increase of 5% since late 2017.

4. Sharp rise in interest for serverless computing

Last year, Cloud Foundry reported that majority of companies were not using serverless, which has decreased this year.

The interest for serverless computing has witnessed a sharp rise, with 46% companies using and evaluating it.

Moreover, 35% of companies are evaluating it, up from just 25% last year. The non-users first become evaluators and then users.

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5. PaaS continues to entrench

Over the past year, more companies have started to use PaaS in production, rather than just evaluating it. PaaS market is gaining maturity as evaluators are continuously becoming users.

62% of respondents said that their companies save over $100,000 by using PaaS, up from 54% in late 2017.

To receive a copy of the survey, go here.

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