CMC Networks and BCX partner to provide SD-WAN network connectivity across Africa and the rest of the world

CMC Networks

CMC Networks and BCX, the two leading providers of ICT services in Africa, have collaborated to provide increased scale for their SD-WAN offerings to BCX customers all over the African continent and the rest of the world. This new partnership will grow BCX’s footprint by adding over 110 service locations.

In its continued commitment as a leading Pan-African network solutions provider offering reliable, adaptable, and future-ready networks, CMC Networks is proud to partner with BCX. CMC Networks, as a global service provider, supports businesses in addressing complex network requirements, providing advanced connectivity and cloud on-ramp solutions all over the entire African continent and the Middle East (ME) region. It makes CMC Networks the largest service provider in Africa.

“The vision of both CMC Networks and BCX is to build around customer experience, digital transformation and innovation,” says Marisa Trisolino, CEO CMC Networks. “With our combined play in South Africa extending across the CMC Networks footprint in Africa and the Middle East, this will not only allow for real time provisioning but a seamless customer experience.

“This is a very exciting time for connectivity services in Africa, and we feel extremely privileged to be BCX’s partner of choice in delivering their GWAN technology across the continent and servicing their end customer’s needs,” said Marisa Trisolino.

According to Shamith Maharaj, Acting Managing Executive: Data Networks at BCX, “This partnership further enhances our strategy to bring greater value to our clients and strengthens our position across the continent.”

“This partnership enables our GWAN portfolio, which is our Global SD-WAN offering, to better serve our customers with multi-national operations. The partnership unites the award-winning network of CMC Networks, covering Africa and beyond, with our local BCX engineering support and deep customer relationships,” adds Maharaj.

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