CloudFerro is one of the first members of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

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This month, the inaugural meeting of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud has been held. The group has formally begun operational work on the digital sovereignty of Europe. The goal is to strengthen the position of EU industry on cloud and edge technologies without compromising the European standards of data protection.

The Alliance is designed to respond to the needs of EU citizens, businesses and the public sector to securely process sensitive categories of data. It will set out plans to develop the necessary technologies and provide a strategic platform to support the competitiveness of EU industry in the field of cloud and advanced technologies.

Europe has necessary resources and competences for the development of a big data economy.

“With the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud, companies will define an ambitious investment roadmap to develop and deploy next generation computing technologies,” said Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton.

Thanks to energy-efficient, highly secure and universal solutions, the EU will enable the most convenient development for new digital technologies, as well as provide enterprises and public administrations with a reliable framework for data processing. It will also help achieve the EU’s digital compass targets for 2030 and strengthen the position of the EU industry on the market.

At the moment the Alliance consists of 39 members that have showed the necessary qualifications and proved to act in full compliance with the EU’s data protection framework. Among the members, there are Airbus, Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, SAP, Siemens, and the European provider of cloud services – CloudFerro.

“We are proud to be one of the first members of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud. As a fully European organization, CloudFerro is eager to contribute expertise, resources and enthusiasm to build strong, competitive and sovereign European data and cloud services,” says Maciej Krzyżanowski, CEO of CloudFerro.

In May 2020, CloudFerro and 26 other leading European companies operating in cloud and edge computing sector presented to the European Commission a roadmap to build the next generation of cloud solutions for Europe aiming at strengthening the European leadership in data economy and innovations. The estimated budget to achieve that goal was set to 19 billion EUR.

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