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Informatica to strengthen cloud data access management with Privitar acquisition

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Informatica, a leading enterprise cloud data management company, has announced its intention to acquire Privitar, a UK-based data management access and privacy software provider. This strategic move aims to enhance Informatica’s cloud data access management and governance capabilities within its AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform.

Privitar specializes in developing advanced access controls and remediation solutions for data privacy and security. Their software enables organizations to promote the ethical and secure use of data across enterprises by incorporating collaborative workflows and policy-based data privacy and access controls into data operations.

The need for cloud data access management

With the growing prevalence of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the importance of data access management as a crucial solution has increased significantly. It enables users to efficiently create, enforce, and monitor data policies to ensure effective data governance. With a comprehensive data access management solution in place, secure, auditable, and regulatory-compliant access to data assets can be automated, thereby unlocking the potential of data democratization.

By integrating Privitar’s data access management and privacy solution into the IDMC platform, Informatica aims to support high-growth use cases such as cloud analytics, governance, data mesh, and data marketplace.

As data governance and responsible data usage become increasingly important for large businesses, striking a balance between agility and self-service has often been a challenge. However, with Privitar’s capabilities integrated into IDMC, customers will be empowered to deliver best-in-class data governance, access controls, policies, and compliance, thereby enabling better data-driven decision-making and achieving improved business outcomes.

The combination of Informatica’s CLAIRE AI engine with Privitar’s data access management capabilities allows the Informatica IDMC platform to automate the application of policy-based privacy and access controls. This automation accelerates the utilization of governed and trusted data across organizations, maximizing the value of data assets.

The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed at this time. However, the completion of the acquisition is expected to take place in the third quarter of 2023, pending the fulfilment of certain closing conditions.

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