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Clickatell announces Chat Commerce Platform with new payment capabilities

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Clickatell, a leading mobile communications and chat commerce provider, announced today that it will reveal new payment capabilities through its Chat Commerce Platform on Oct. 24-27 at Money 20/20 Las Vegas. Clickatell supports businesses in easily deploying payments in chat channels with minimum to no execution risk linked with regulatory considerations, payment ecosystem of payer and payees and consumer adoption on the most popular chat channels.

In the report, Add Digital Payments as Part of Communications Platform as a Service Offering, Gartner® identified Clickatell as a ‘Who’s Who in CPaaS Payments and How They Are Going About It’ section and mentioned, “Currently there are a limited number of CPaaS providers that provide the payment capability.” Gartner’s report anticipates that “by 2025, around 50% of CPaaS vendors will enable the functionality as part of their communications modules and offerings.” Starting in 2011, Clickatell already identified the need for chat commerce and moved to the model that combines communication and commerce. Currently, Clickatell processes 1.5 million transactions daily.

“With billions of consumers actively chatting on chat apps, we believe Chat Commerce is the future of digital commerce enabling brands to connect, interact, and transact where their customers are,” said Pieter de Villiers, CEO and co-founder at Clickatell. “Paying a utility bill should not take 15 minutes of your life every month. Imagine a utility company sending a simple notification in chat to customers for the amount due giving them the option to tap and pay the bill right there from within the notification itself. And, if the customer has a query, we enable brands to leverage a bot or live agents then and there in the same channel. Consumers no longer have to scramble to find a number to call or fire off an email into the abyss.”

The enterprise grade Chat Commerce Platform of Clickatell improves brands’ customer experience and accelerates revenue by delivering higher customer satisfaction and retention, personalizing communications, improving business efficiencies, increasing sales, and reducing operating costs. It gives low/no code tools for brands to engage, interact and transact with their customers:

  1. Connect allows notifications and messaging, like the bank sending credit card transaction verification alerts to the customer, much less intrusive or inefficient than robocalls or email;
  2. Interact gives complete back-end system orchestration and integration with a chat bot and agent desk, which enables the bank, for example, to check balances or pay bills interactively with customers or pay the bills vs. calling an 1800 number on the back of a card; and
  3. Transact supports digital transactions and API payments capabilities via Clickatell’s new Chat 2 Pay. Chat 2 Pay allows consumers to accept payments securely in chat messaging by sending consumers a payment link via WhatsApp or SMS. In its design of Chat 2 Pay, Clickatell has orchestrated efficiently the complex relationship between payments, messaging, and the order management system (OMS) of their customers, and in the process decreases the risk of businesses managing payment card details.

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