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Cisco improves Office 365 connectivity by integrating SD-WAN and security technologies

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Cisco SD-WAN

In a bid to enable organizations connect securely to enterprise apps from anywhere, Cisco is integrating its security and SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) technologies.

Today, the way organizations use WAN has changed. They opt for multi-cloud to host their applications. Employees nowadays connect to enterprise apps not only from office, but also from home, cafes, and airports. It has intersected the networking and security, forming a new cloud edge.

When employees connect to business apps from other places, they rely on public internet which is not as secure as connecting from office premises. Organizations generally use best security practices and SD-WAN to secure the access to apps but that is limited to office premises only. Hence, SD-WAN solutions have forced IT admins to either choose application experience or security.

Cisco is addressing this by evolving its SD-WAN portfolio. As a part of this, the company has joined hands with Microsoft to enhance the Office 365 application experience for users.

Cisco mentioned that its SD-WAN monitors in real-time all available paths to Office 365. It will connect users to nearest cloud using Microsoft Office URLs, resulting in providing up to 40% faster performance.

“The emergence of the new Cloud Edge is disrupting our customers’ network and security architectures. Today, every WAN device must become software defined and secure,” said Scott Harrell, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networking at Cisco.

“Cisco’s SD-WAN makes it easy for customers to get the very best of networking and security. We are building a bridge to a new business world that speeds our customers’ ability to unlock the power of the cloud — faster with less risk.”

With the advanced security integrated into SD-WAN, the enterprise devices and firewall will be protected from intrusions. Cisco has further powered its SD-WAN offering with Talos, which is a powerful cyber threat intelligence solution.

For blocking access to malicious destinations even before the connection is established, SD-WAN has been integrated with Cisco Umbrella.

The company is also seeking to help developers and network engineers. Cisco DevNet has developed new SD-WAN learning labs and sandboxes.

More options will be available for customers as Cisco provides two new Integrated Services Routers (ISR)- ISR 1111X-8P and ISR 4461. Targeted for small and large branch offices, the new routers are now available.

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Cisco SD-WAN security and Microsoft Office 365 software will be available in fourth quarter of 2018. Customers will be able to purchase these offerings with a single-license model and manage them using a single pane of glass.

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