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52% of CIOs in the US rate security as the top concern in Gen AI adoption

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While organizations are optimistic about the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are significant security concerns surrounding the adoption of Generative AI (Gen AI). A survey of US-based CIOs, conducted by Recognize, reveals that 52% of respondents identified security as a major hurdle in the integration of Gen AI technologies.

As per the report, 43% of organizations have already implemented Gen AI in their enterprise applications or processes. 21% are experimenting with Gen AI, while 17% are in the prototyping phase and 13% have substantial Gen AI projects in progress. Only 4% of organizations say they are not using Gen AI at all, and a mere 1% have explicitly prohibited its use.

Most used AI applications

According to the findings, 82% of organizations identified ChatGPT as the most frequently employed Gen AI product, followed by at 29%. Open-source solutions closely trailed at 28%. Bard and Claude are employed by 27% and 25% of respondents, respectively, while Jasper is in usage by 24%.

Top concerns in AI adoption

The survey also identified concerns surrounding the accelerated deployment of Generative AI. In addition to security, complexity was a significant worry for 39% of organizations, followed by concerns about the necessary hardware resources and potential inaccuracies, both at 33%.

Respondents also expressed apprehensions about the impact on jobs and the challenge of sourcing talent to manage these systems, with 31% acknowledging these concerns. Lower return on investment was cited as a worry by 20% of organizations, while 8% believed concerns were either manageable or not very significant.

Building large language models

42% of organizations are considering creating their own unique large language models (LLMs). Additionally, 41% are in the process of evaluating or thinking about this option, demonstrating a notable interest in personalized AI solutions. Only 7% of organizations have not yet made any plans regarding the development of their proprietary LLM.

Impact of AI in the future

Looking ahead, respondents expressed predominantly positive sentiments regarding the expected impact of AI on their organizations in the next two years. 46% of companies anticipated that AI would lead to significant use cases driving productivity. An additional 24% foresaw select use cases without a major impact. A notable 22% expected a transformational impact from AI, while a small fraction of organizations (7%) did not foresee much impact from AI.

While security remains a major concern, the survey shows that many organizations are leveraging Gen AI in various applications, owing to its potential benefits. However, challenges such as complexity, hardware resources, and potential inaccuracies persist and must be addressed.

Source: Recognize

Featured image credits: Pixabay

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