CIOs and CHROs should combine expertise to manage talent and culture change: Gartner

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When it comes to excelling at strategy delivery, CEOs place Talent Management at the top of the list of four organizational competencies, finds Gartner 2019 survey of CEOs.

The next three notable competencies are Technology Enabled Digitalization (17%), Data Management (15%) and Innovation (14%). These are tech-oriented and most of the chief HR officers (CHROs) don’t feel comfortable with these competencies. But all these competencies are central to the domain of the chief information officers (CIOs).

Following are the top 10 organizational competencies:

The survey results show that CIOs CHROs should bring together their expertise in leadership partnerships to play a bigger role in talent and culture change. They should build a partnership to teach and learn from each other.

The important elements of the report are as follows:

CIO-CHRO relationship

As companies all over the world are seeking growth, the possible threats they are likely to face are the fund scarcity and shortage of the right-skilled human resource. To overcome this, an ideal CIO-CHRO partnership is needed to complete each other’s gap in driving the “enterprise’s talent management efforts.”

CIO-CHRO: Prepare, Train and Enable

While a CHRO is experienced in traditional talent management like acquisition, training, retention and compliance, the CIOs bring their in-depth experience of enabling technology and digital transformation opportunities.

Combining CIO-CHRO to achieve digital ambitions

CHROs need a more effective talent acquisition approach to bring an empowered culture in the organization. In a research by Gartner, it was found that many employees who found internal opportunities in the organization could not go for it as they lacked the skills required to fill the job.

“Just 6% of heads of learning and development, and over one-third of managers, believe the employees in their organizations have the skills needed for future roles,” says Gartner.

Similarly, CIOs are facing challenges to drive digital transformation in the organization. There is a need for culture change, providing an innovative environment for continuous learning, improving employee engagement and more.

To achieve this, CIOs need to partner with CHROs that will energetically build networks of talent powering the same evolution.

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