Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers: Financial Services 2019: helping financial industry improve productivity through data analytics

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Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers, Financial Services

The possibility of having complete control over data, including every transaction and interaction with the customer, can give organizations new ways to make use of the data to drive maximum customer satisfaction. Imagine being able to identify and react to events even before they happen! This will not only help organizations to provide customers with best services and support but will also help prevent any financial failure.

Data & Analytics can help organizations predict the future and open new revenue streams. Organizations need to learn to monetize their business data via different ways.

The growing demand for data-driven decision making has compelled financial organizations to deploy analytics driven capabilities to increase their profitability, lower costs and improve overall efficiency, leading to better customer acquisition and retention.

To help financial organizations learn the art of capturing, analyzing and using data and analytics to transform their business, Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers: Financial Services (CDAO FS) is all set to unfold  at the New York Marriott Downtown between February 12-13, 2019.

The event will be the platform where strategies to fully embrace data and analytics in financial realms will be discussed. This will include topics like AI and Machine Learning, Analytics, Data & Risk Management as well as Regulatory Compliance.

With over 40 featured speakers from across the financial services industry, including leading names like Bank of China, HSBC, BNY Mellon and AIG, CDAO FS will focus on delivering a multi-faceted agenda to an audience comprising more than 100 leaders. The two-day event will generate a highly anticipated cross-company collaboration.

Why should you attend CDAO FS 2019?

  • Discuss business strategies: Meet and hear the industry leaders and learn how they are solving challenges around culture, operationalization, communication, talent etc. Enable your business with insight-driven decision making and ways to deliver to both your internal and external customers.
  • Networking opportunities: Engage with more than 100 leaders in two-days. The event will offer a productive learning environment with insightful keynotes, pre-conference financial services, discussion groups, masterclasses, roundtable breakfasts etc.
  • Build C-suite connections: 73% of attendees include C-level and VPs from various industries. This allows attendees to meet the industry’s most influential and well-established data and analytics leaders and extract value from them.

A look at key topics and agenda

  • Sessions on the importance of experimenting with different technologies to find the perfect business fit.
  • Sessions on customer experience covering the importance of predictive analytics in increasing ROI and customer satisfaction.
  • Data & Risk management sessions to understand the connection between data and customer risk profile.
  • Sessions on driving business benefits through journey analytics.
  • Panel discussions on improving internal functions with the implementation of AI in fintech.

Speaker Line-up

  • Khalid Mansour – Partner, IBM
  • Brian Murrow – Partner, IBM
  • John Thorpe – Senior Solutions Architect, Financial Services, Datawatch Corporation
  • Tarun Sood – Head of Data Insights & Analytics, Vanguard
  • Jeremy Balkin – Head of Innovation, HSBC
  • Madhu Ghosh – Head of Client Data Analytics & Ops, Morgan Stanley Research

You can check the entire list here.

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