Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2018: a conference to help you revolutionize your analytics strategy and drive digital transformation.

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As part of their ongoing commitment to data and analytics, Corinium Intelligence has announced the return of Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2018, the largest gathering of senior Data and Analytics professionals, scheduled to kick off from October 8-11 in Boston, MA, United States.

Led by Chief Analytics Officers (CAOs), this hugely anticipated event features a multifaceted agenda which aims to help businesses learn how to drive innovation within, and generate value using analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and create an analytics-driven culture across the organization.

The conference will provide Corinium’s highly productive learning environment to all top-level analytics, data, data science and business intelligence specialists to learn, share best practices and explore strategies for driving actionable insights and building an analytically driven enterprise.

2018 CAO Fall Highlights:

  • Sector- specific pre-conferences (3) focus day scheduled to discuss the power of analytics in financial services, insurance and healthcare.
  • Evening masterclasses scheduled to understand and examine the use of AI and ML and discuss how to build a business based on data culture.
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence day scheduled to discuss the true possibilities for ML and hype vs reality. This conference will also discuss how machine learning is supporting growth of colonial life and AI and ML regulations are looking at the present and beyond.
  • Two main conference days scheduled to discuss how a business can fuel an analytics-driven culture across the enterprise and how to enable an insights driven business, creating equal opportunities within data and analytics.

A glimpse of main conference topics and panel discussions:

  • Technology development & adoption – keeping up with the rapid pace of change
  • Moving beyond traditional data governance – empowering people with data.
  • Demonstrating ROI – don’t be data rich & decision poor.
  • Creating Business Value with Prescriptive Analytics, AI & Optimization.
  • Supporting the proliferation of the Chief Analytics Officer & Chief Data Officer Roles – future convergence or divergence?
  • Opportunities & challenges of new & untraditional data sources.
  • Operationalizing Analytics – foundational elements for a successful analytical environment.

List does not end here, there are many more!

Reasons why CAOs shouldn’t give it a miss: 

Insights driven C-Suite agenda 

Attendees will get an opportunity to gain insights from the experiences shared by the leading companies who excel in data and analytics, discuss strategies to deliver excellent services to customers and learn how they have derived tangible outcomes through analytics.

They will also learn how to become an insights driven business and explore how leaders are solving challenges around organizational structure, operationalization, communication and more.

Highly productive learning environment 

Corinium’s round the clock dedicated networking and interactive format provides you with interactive discussion groups, compelling keynotes, pre-conference financial services, insurance and healthcare focus days, machine learning post-conference focus day, masterclasses and roundtable breakfasts.

Well established C-Suite connections 

Attendees will be able to meet and learn from the challenges and strategies of industry’s most well established and influential data and analytics leaders. The CDAO Advisory Board comprises senior and influential CDAOs composition:

  • Scott Schlesinger – Chief Analytics Officer – Cognizant Digital Business, Cognizant
  • Joe Caserta – Founding President, Caserta
  • Debbie Callahan – Managing Director, Maven Wave
  • Simon Gao – Chief Analytics Officer, New York Life Insurance

View Speakers and other members, here.

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