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ChatGPT was the most popular Wikipedia article in 2023 with almost 50 million visits

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The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT marked a pivotal moment for the worldwide AI sector. Achieving unprecedented growth, the chatbot amassed 100 million users within a mere two months, catapulting artificial intelligence into the spotlight as one of the most significant narratives of 2023. So, it may come as no surprise that ChatGPT ranked as the most visited Wikipedia article last year.

According to data presented by, the ChatGPT article was visited almost 50 million times last year, far more than any other topic.

ChatGPT More Popular than Cristiano Ronaldo or Blockbuster Movies

When in search of information, the majority of individuals rely on Wikipedia. Therefore, the most-viewed articles offer valuable insights into societal interests and the knowledge people are actively seeking. As per the Wikimedia Foundation’s data, English Wikipedia garnered over 84 billion visits in 2023, covering a wide array of topics, from sports competitions and football players to blockbuster movies. Nevertheless, none could surpass the popularity of ChatGPT, making it the most sought-after article on English Wikipedia for the year.

The rapidly expanding application had amassed a user base exceeding 180 million and had become a global headline phenomenon. Riding on this immense public fascination, the English Wikipedia article on ChatGPT consistently garnered between 100,000 and 400,000 page views nearly every day, culminating in an astonishing total of 49.4 million page visits for the year 2023. This huge number is even more impressive when compared to other trending Wikipedia topics in 2023.

Statistics reveals that ChatGPT outpaced the popularity of the world’s highest-paid athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as blockbuster movies Oppenheimer and Barbie last year. The articles on the two movies received 28.3 million and 18 million page views in 2023, respectively, while the Cristiano Ronaldo article was clicked 17.4 million times.

Generative AI Industry to Grow by 250% in Five Years

The widespread fascination with ChatGPT and generative AI underscores the significant potential within this continuously evolving market. A decade ago, envisioning companies and individuals globally incorporating generative AI into their daily routines for automating tasks, document creation, market research, or even basic coding was hard to imagine. The escalating demand for these tools is poised to position generative AI as one of the primary revenue drivers in the AI industry, accounting for 25% of total revenue by the year 2028.

According to a Statista survey, the generative AI industry is expected to grow 48% year-over-year and hit $66.6bn in 2024. By 2028, this figure will jump over $156bn, showing a massive 250% growth in five years.

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