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Celonis launches Intelligent Business Cloud to drive business transformation

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Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud

Celonis is bringing its process mining technology to cloud with the launch of new machine learning-based cloud platform. Called Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud, the new platform will add an intelligent layer to operational systems and drive business transformation.

The new platform will enable enterprises to view their existing process flows and deeply analyze process metrics. It provides an intelligent framework to improve processes across operational systems.

An end-to-end software as a service (SaaS) platform, the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud comes with pre-built operational system connectivity and event log creation, rich process analytics, as well as AI capabilities. It is a flexible and scalable solution, so the enterprises wouldn’t need to set up or maintain infrastructure.

“Businesses are discovering the imperative to transform into intelligent enterprises to improve productivity, and go beyond simply seeing and analyzing their business processes, to operationalizing change. Celonis has disrupted what had previously been a manual approach by helping organizations identify the most valuable processes to transform, and then showing them exactly how to drive change,” said Alexander Rinke, Co-CEO, Celonis, in a statement to Wire19.

“With the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud our customers add an intelligent layer to their operational systems to drive business transformation. Now, with process mining technology entirely in the cloud, companies can much more rapidly jump-start their business transformation initiatives and capture the business value from significant boosts to productivity and efficiency.”

Celonis will integrate its several existing capabilities to the new platform. These capabilities include Celonis Process Mining, Celonis Action Engine, and Celonis Intelligent Business App Store. The integrations will allow customers to connect to leading operational systems from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Integration of Celonis Action Engine will enable intelligent monitoring of operational data across business processes and improve them in real-time.

Every employee in an organization will be able to contribute to business transformation process. Celonis believes that engaging everyone in the enterprise in transformation initiatives is the difference between successfully driving change, and failure.

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Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud is available now.

Image source: Celonis

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