CCW Executive Exchange to bring together senior contact center executives to strategize for future contact centers

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The contact center landscape is continuously evolving, embracing new innovations and business delivery models and these endeavors define how a company can satisfy its customers and eventually grow its business.

Executives need to identify trends in the contact center and how they can be applied to an organization. The Customer Contact Week (CCW) Executive Exchange to be held between August 12-14 at Chicago, Illinois, will discuss about the major trends in the contact center arena.

A customer contact executive needs to strike a balance between building great customer experiences and taking care of the budgetary constraints of an organization. This means being aware of what customers and business stakeholders desire to ensure investments in the right direction.

For this, executives need to be aware of the trends that are shaping the world of customer contact management. Some of these trends revolve around employee engagement, workforce transformation and automation.

The CCW Executive Exchange is a one of its kind event that will exclusively bring together the heads of the contact centers. The invitation-only event will help the attendees to network and strategize with their true peers.

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The CCW Executive Exchange is not a conference but a place where senior executive leaders meet, customize their own itinerary and learn about the latest solutions. The attendees are also handpicked based on certain qualifying criteria that include:

  • Having a direct control over a sizable contact center team.
  • Having direct control or ability to influence the budget of the contact center.
  • Should come from an enterprise or a fast-growing organization.
  • Having at least 3 active projects that need solutions within next 24 months.

It is a golden opportunity for the solution providers. Other benefits include:

  • Strategic and thoughtful event sessions
  • Customized Itinerary
  • 1:1 Business Meetings
  • Roundtable Conferences
  • On-site Networking
  • Keynote Panel Discussion
  • BrainWeave Speaking Session
  • Master Class Speaking Session

At the Exchange, attendees can listen and learn from senior leaders who will deliver carefully decided upon industry research and discussions on personalized requests. One of the primary attractions would be the 1:1 business meetings with conferencing opportunities.

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This year, the CCW Executive Exchange will focus on delivering world class service, backed with speed and efficiency. With today’s customer having a lot of choices in terms of product, quality and experience, it becomes imperative for organizations to focus on customer retention through high level attention and service. This includes preparing themselves for CX battlefield and prioritizing the demands of future contact center.

The keynote speakers include leading names like Sherif Mityas (Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Information Officer, TGI Fridays), Donald Hicks (VP of Global User Services, Twitter), Michele Watson (SVP Client Services, and more.

Stay tuned to get the latest updates on the event.

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