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GenAI driving partnerships in 2024 – now Capgemini and AWS collaborate

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Capgemini and AWS

Capgemini has unveiled a groundbreaking multi-year strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), signaling a significant step towards the widespread adoption of generative AI solutions and technologies. This partnership aims to assist organizations of all sizes in realizing the full potential of generative AI while effectively addressing challenges related to cost, scale, and trust.

The collaboration between Capgemini and AWS is poised to facilitate the transition of joint clients from individual pilots and proof of concepts to large-scale production. This progression will be supported by Capgemini’s extensive network of AWS Centers of Excellence (CoEs). This expanded partnership will expedite the implementation of cutting-edge industry-specific and functional applications, utilizing Amazon Bedrock to harness a variety of secure, high-performing foundational models, such as Amazon Titan.

Capgemini will expand its existing network of AWS CoEs, aiming to train 30,000 employees over the next three years in AWS’s advanced technologies. This initiative is part of Capgemini’s €2 billion investment in Artificial Intelligence. Capgemini’s global network of AWS CoEs empowers clients to harness the company’s expertise in data, AI, and cloud. This allows them to unlock the extensive possibilities of generative AI, facilitating swift prototyping of novel business scenarios, promoting innovation, and navigating the upcoming era of digital transformation.

How clients will benefit from Capgemini-AWS partnership

“With generative AI presenting new opportunities to accelerate innovation, it’s imperative for clients to be able to scale their AI implementations quickly to drive tangible value, optimize investments, and meet the specific needs of their own industry,” said Jerome Simeon, Head of Global Industries and Group Executive Board member at Capgemini. “Capgemini’s deep expertise in data and AI and strong portfolio tailored for industries, together with AWS’s proven methodologies and technologies that help organizations scale their transition to the cloud, will enable joint clients to move from pilot to production at extreme scale, while also helping them optimize their investments and address their sustainability goals. All are vital components in the journey to a digital and sustainable economy.”

The expansion of the partnership encompasses various dedicated initiatives aimed at maximizing the value delivered to clients. These initiatives include:

Industry Solutions – Tailored, AI-infused capabilities designed for specific industries:

This initiative leverages Capgemini’s profound industry expertise and AWS’s secure, highly customizable AI, delivering substantial value across multiple sectors. Examples of this collaboration include:

  • Aerospace: Capgemini will introduce an enhanced Lifecycle Optimization platform for the aerospace industry. This platform incorporates additional capabilities from Amazon Bedrock to enhance image recognition and analysis of aviation parts. It also aids in the curation and publication of available inventory.
  • Automotive: Implementing AI-enriched capabilities to drive the transformation of the automotive industry. This includes advancements in trusted vehicles, driving automation, customer intimacy, and supply chain optimization.
  • Financial Services: Developing use cases across banking and capital markets, focusing on areas such as customer experience, administration processing, audit, and risk. Generative AI will be leveraged in the insurance market to enhance policy servicing and claim handling.

New Platform for High-Value Business Outcomes and TCO Optimization:

The strategic collaboration with AWS introduces a unique methodology and accelerators crafted by data and AI experts at Capgemini. Utilizing techniques like LLM cascading and prompt tuning, this approach efficiently delivers working solutions by combining the client’s proprietary data with data from various LLMs available through Amazon Bedrock. This enables the rapid development, testing, and deployment of multiple Proof of Concepts (PoCs) while reducing compute requirements. The goal is to create tangible value for clients, accelerating innovation and enabling organizations to explore a broader range of generative AI use cases at scale. Additionally, this approach provides an opportunity to reduce the carbon intensity of generative AI projects.

Generative AI for Software Engineering:

Integrating Amazon CodeWhisperer and Amazon Bedrock into Capgemini’s digital cloud platform offers industry solutions and accelerators for clients’ cloud-driven transformations. This integration aims to enhance efficiency and quality across the entire software life cycle, from user story creation to test case development and execution. The focus is on accelerating development, code conversion, reducing technical debt, and improving the security posture of developed software.

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