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CalmWave Named 2023 Digital Health Awards Winner for Connected Digital Health: Clinical Decision Support Tools

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Health Tech Leader Uses AI to Improve Nurse Retention and Patient Outcomes by Reducing Alarm Fatigue in Intensive Care Units (ICUs)

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CalmWave, the health tech leader leveraging transparent artificial intelligence (AI) to bring Operations Health™ to hospitals, today announced it has been named 2023 Digital Health Awards Winner for Connected Digital Health: Clinical Decision Support Tools. CalmWave uses AI to gauge hospitals’ Operations Health to improve nurse retention and patient outcomes by reducing alarm fatigue in intensive care units (ICUs).

“Clinical decision support tools are evolving at a rapid pace, and with the aid of AI-based solutions, they are starting to reach the bar of usefulness to clinical providers,” said Ophir Ronen, founder and CEO, CalmWave. “We utilize transparent AI to present clinicians with a clearer, more insightful understanding of vast volumes of data, transforming it from noise to action. Hospital data is growing at a meteoric rate, causing increased disorder and cognitive overload. Our nurses and patients deserve better.”

By using advanced machine learning techniques, it is possible to provide more accurate alarm parameters, early warning alerts by patient category or even individual patient. This information can also be used along with other vital data inputs to provide an overall measure of clinician workload. In concert, these tools can reduce (unnecessary) alarms, support staffing, track employee health, and improve patient outcomes.

Today, 80-99% of alarms in ICUs are non-actionable alarms. Combined with long work shifts, unbalanced nurse-to-patient ratios, and COVID-19’s pressure on an already stressed healthcare system, nurses are nearly guaranteed to experience alarm fatigue and overall workplace exhaustion. A quieter ICU environment benefits not only healthcare providers, but also patients and their families. Excessive noise has been linked to increased stress, sleep disturbances, and hindered recovery in patients. Moreover, a quiet ICU can also provide family members with a more pleasant experience when visiting their loved ones, fostering a supportive atmosphere and positively impacting patient satisfaction and recovery.

CalmWave’s platform uses AI and expert services to help healthcare organizations optimize operations and make data-informed decisions. Utilizing a healthcare organization’s data and machine generated signals, CalmWave transparently empowers leadership to manage staff more efficiently, increase retention rates, and improve patient outcomes.

About CalmWave

CalmWave is focused on improving the lives of patients and providers. Our mission is to address alarm fatigue and eliminate non-actionable alarms, bringing us to more stable and quieter ICUs. Alarm fatigue, which is endemic in the modern healthcare system, causes great stress for providers, their patients, and their families, ultimately impacting patient outcomes and staff retention. The CalmWave platform remediates alarm fatigue, improves staff retention, and transforms Operations Health through data science and AI. CalmWave is the fastest company to go from inception to funding at the AI2 Incubator, a startup incubator at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2). Headquartered in Seattle, CalmWave has raised a pre-seed round led by Bonfire Ventures with participation from Tau Ventures, AI2 Incubator, Seachange Ventures, Hike Ventures, and the co-founders of PagerDuty. Visit or email for more information and partnership opportunities. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.