CAHK Uniquely Positioned To Build “DT Exchange Platform” To Support Successful Digital Transformations For Hong Kong

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Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) today announced details of its new Digital Transformation (DT) Committee. Its main objective is to create a DT eco-system and a platform for exchange of expertise to facilitate smooth and successful DT implementation journeys for local organizations and enterprises, big and small.

“By being a neutral ICT professional society comprised of virtually all major players in this arena, CAHK is in the position to drive the development of a DT eco-system, an ‘Exchange Platform’ that enables communication, experience sharing, collaboration and other constructive interactions between technology players, network service providers, the HKSAR government and enterprises.” Said Mr. Franky Lai, Honorary Advisor & Chairperson of CAHK’s DT committee.

To promote participation in this newly minted DT committing, Mr. Lai and 5 of CAHK’s Executive Committee members freely shared insights and advice about “The Winning Formula Of Digital Transformation” to a packed theatre at this year’s Cloud Expo Asia.

“Digital Transformation is not a fad, but a ‘MUST’ for enterprises to stay competitive in the market,” said Mr. Patrick Ng, Executive Vice President, Technical Engineering, NTT Communications Asia. “Today’s leaders are expected to constantly bring their enterprises to the next level via digital and business transformations. This will involve deploying suitable technologies, streamlining organization structures and driving operational innovation.”

“Think big but start small,” said Mr. KL Ho, Senior Vice President, Strategic Wireless Technology and Project office at HKT Limited. “Since 2017, HKT has embarked on an ambitious DT project for complete end-to-end transformation, from network transformation, service transformation to business processes transformation. To avoid disastrous interruptions to the business, we took a green field approach and worked with a cross-functional project team to drive changes segment by segment, rather than all at once.”

“Speed and Execution,” added Mr. Vincent Kwok, General Manager, Hybrid IT & Presales Practice for Hong Kong & Macau at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “To win in DT, companies must both respond quickly and plan carefully. DT is a colossal endeavour, not a one-company-does-it-all project. Having a suitable eco-system to tap into for support and expertise sharing is vital.”

“Partnership is key to DT success,” concurred Mr. Ray Lam, Senior Director, Vertical Segment at Dell EMC. “With key and influential players in ICT already represented on its membership base, CAHK is already well on its way to becoming a central point for enterprises to go to for advice and assistance as they begin their DT journey.”

“DT is not just about the technologies but also about innovation and creativity,” said Mr. Jonathan Cheng, President of CAHK’s International Telecom Affairs Group and a 20-plus-year veteran in ICT and digital business. “We aim to actively expand CAHK’s portfolio representation to include up-and-coming technologies such as AI and machine learning, IoT, API, block-chain, big data & analytics. By doing so, CAHK can provide a comprehensive eco-system or partnership that is key to the winning formula of enterprise digital transformation.”

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