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Business Revival Post-COVID-19: How Should the C-suite Go About Adapting Their Data Analytics Models to the New Normal? | Experts at Quantzig Explain

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdvancedAnalytics–According to Quantzig, post-COVID enterprises would soon rely on algorithms to make informed business decisions. Evidently, over the past few years, this has become increasingly true, with most businesses leveraging advanced data analytics models and algorithms to effectively manage processes right from supply chain management to customer experience management and marketing. Request a FREE proposal to learn how Quantzig is helping leading businesses adapt their business models to thrive in the new normal.

In the wake of the COVID-19 induced disruptions, business leaders have realized that their existing data models and processes must be revamped to cater to the dynamic market needs in the new-normal. However, many factors have impacted this realization. The main reason being that most of the existing business models were designed to work and deliver meaningful insights under normal circumstances.

For instance, the customer segmentation models used by companies might prove to be inefficient in analyzing customer behaviors and market needs post-COVID-19. As such, this represents a significant challenge for business leaders looking to drive both customer value and market share post-COVID. While tackling these challenges is crucial for business growth, it could also be seen as an opportunity for the C-suite to reevaluate and re-engineer their core analytics capabilities, business models and processes to better prepare for the next few years of disruption.

At Quantzig, we understand these challenges, and to help our clients make the most of the new digital opportunities, we’ve designed a holistic end-to-end digital transformation solutions portfolio that focuses on merging data-driven insights with technology to drive smarter decisions in the new normal. At Quantzig, we have a cross-functional team that comprises of researchers, analytics experts, and data scientists who assist our clients in implementing advanced data analytics models. Speak to our analytics experts right away!

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Here are a few ways the C-suite can adapt their business models and analytics capabilities for a post-COVID world-

  • Evaluate market risks
  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Build an agile, cross-functional analytics team
  • Identify and tap into unconventional data sources
  • Create an action plan to tackle future occurrences of similar events
  • Identify and remove internal barriers
  • Deploy new operating models to enhance process efficiency

These factors predominantly revolve around the need to meet customer and market needs in the shortest possible time frame. Also, it has been predicted that this capability can turn out to be a key differentiator in the new normal post-COVID. Moreover, organizations must adapt their data analytics models to keep extraneous costs low. It is also imperative for the C-suite to re-engineer their data analytics processes now so that they are ready for the ‘new normal’ and can act spontaneously to changing customer behaviors quicker than ever before. Book a FREE Demo to know more about how Quantzig can help you adapt to the new normal by redefining your business models and data analytics capabilities.

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