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Brandywine Communications Introduces the VPX Timing Card

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TUSTIN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brandywine Communications, in partnership with Reach Technologies, are proud to introduce the VPX Timing Card, a ruggedized conduction cooled timing unit that provides versatile multifunction clock references for any environment.

This fully-defined, backplane-centric VPX module optionally supports either commercial GNSS receivers, or secure SAASM M-Code GPS receiver data along with external 1PPS UTC rollover references, reference clocks of up to 100MHz, as well as Amplitude Modulated (AM) or DC Level Shifted AM (DCLS) IRIG inputs as means of synchronization via the VITA 67.3C backplane RF connector.

“We are excited to offer this entry in the space of Position, Navigation and Timing,” said Allen Ronk, Brandywine Communications’ President. “Our partnership with Reach has enabled us to bring our brand of excellence in the PNT space into the embedded and airborne space.”

“Our experience in flight-test systems gives us the necessary experience to deliver an end-product that meets the extremely stringent requirements for size, weight and power that meets Brandywine’s customers’ needs,” said Bradley Higgin, Director of Business Development for Reach Technologies. “We are very excited to continue our partnership with Brandywine Communications into the field of OpenVPX as we leverage Brandywine’s years of expertise in the PNT market along with our embedded product expertise to deliver the best PNT solutions in this space.”

The VPX Timing Card has begun deliveries as of Q4 2022. For pricing information, please contact your Brandywine Communications Sales Representative.

About Brandywine Communications

Founded in 1995, Brandywine is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission critical time and frequency systems for the military and infrastructure markets. The company operates manufacturing facilities in the United States and United Kingdom and its products are sold globally.

About Reach Technologies

Founded in 1993, Reach Technologies has enjoyed a successful track record of designing, manufacturing and supporting telemetry, data acquisition, precision-timing and edge-computing products for the international aerospace and defense markets.


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