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Best LXP platforms in 2021

LXP Platforms

LXPs, or the learning experience platforms, have gained immense hype in the market lately. All the companies, big or small, are now inclining towards these LXP platforms for their employees’ training and skill development. Within just a few years, LXPs have gained considerable popularity. Some of the credit also goes to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced people to have a virtual life and promoted these virtual learning platforms.

There are a variety of LXP platforms to choose from, but sometimes you need to have a solution tailored to the specific needs of your company. In this case you can go for custom LXP platform development to integrate all the necessary solutions and improve learning KPIs.

In this article, however, we are listing some of the already developed major LXP Platforms that remain at the top of the list in 2021. Let’s get started.

1. Coursera

This business e-learning platform furnishes organizations with serious preparation with top to bottom content and trustworthy certificates. There are adaptable choices that let the users complete courses in the solace of their homes. Progress following features are also included to keep people advancing towards culmination. There are many trainings from industry giants such as Amazon and IBM on the platform too.

2. Bridge

Bridge consolidates learning and performing on the board to yield a comprehensive learning experience. Regardless of whether you are searching for vocation advancement or commitment estimation, Bridge attempts to meet your preparation needs. Telecommuters receive virtual feedback and study according to their career improvement plans. HR or L&D experts can create their own courses utilizing the instinctive framework.

3. 360Learning

Community learning is used to engage learning and advancement through the LXP 360Learning. There are different collective instruments that make it possible to prepare new representatives, custom-employee groups, and foster proficient abilities. While there are some composing instruments accessible, there is no PowerPoint integration. All things considered, this LXP has effectively worked with many top organizations to drive culture and development inside their labor force. Fully intent on learning together, they endeavor to assist groups with developing.

4. Degreed

Degreed is the labor force upskilling stage for one out of three Fortune 50 organizations. Degreed does everything in one basic, liquid, ability-building experience that is fueled by the user’s aptitude and interests, so that you could change your labor force from the inside. Degreed is the learning framework that coordinates bits of knowledge with each kind of improvement experience you can imagine, from learning from tutors to undertakings, gigs, and occupations.

5. EdCast

EdCast is an AI-powered knowledge cloud and learning content management platform intended to assist companies with the discovery, curation, and proposal of learning content across the outer, interior, and implied knowledge sources.


A team that learns together grows together. Every company or employer wants their employees to have the best skillset and want them to always keep learning. LXP platforms have proved this pretty much to a huge extent and continue to do that in the coming decades. While this is true, the employer should also be specific about their needs and requirements. They should give the freedom to their employees to choose their own learning path.

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