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Best Accounting Software for Small Business (2024): FreshBooks, QuickBooks & TurboTax Review Published by Better Business Advice

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Better Business Advice, a trusted source for insightful business guidance, has conducted an in-depth analysis of the top accounting software solutions for small businesses in 2024, including FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and TurboTax. This comprehensive comparison aims to assist entrepreneurs and business owners in making informed decisions to optimize their financial management processes.

Best Accounting Software:

  • FreshBooks – simple and easy to use, ideal for freelancers and small businesses
  • QuickBooks – most widely used and trusted software, best for businesses working with bookkeepers or accountants
  • TurboTax – specializes in tax preparation services, best for helping users file taxes

Better Business Advice emphasizes essential factors to consider when choosing accounting software, including business needs, scalability, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and security features. By prioritizing key functionalities such as invoicing, expense tracking, financial reporting, bank reconciliation, payroll processing, and tax preparation, businesses can select the software that best aligns with their specific requirements and financial goals.

FreshBooks: Streamlined Solutions for Small Businesses

FreshBooks presents a specialized accounting solution finely tuned for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses, offering seamless management of organization, payment tracking, invoicing, and expense monitoring. Its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility, even for those without extensive financial expertise, enabling efficient financial management without cumbersome learning curves.

FreshBooks excels in simplicity without sacrificing functionality, distinguishing itself through its intuitive design and affordable pricing structures. Noteworthy features include comprehensive double-entry accounting reports, providing users with deep insights into their financial standing, vital for accuracy and regulatory compliance as businesses expand.

Moreover, FreshBooks supports diverse payment acceptance methods, facilitating hassle-free transactions with clients and customers. Its affordability makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious entities, rendering it a compelling choice for businesses seeking streamlined financial management without compromising on quality. In essence, FreshBooks emerges as a tailored, user-friendly solution adept at meeting the nuanced needs of solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small enterprises in their quest for efficient accounting practices.

QuickBooks: Versatile Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

QuickBooks, a cloud-based accounting software, provides comprehensive solutions for various accounting needs. Particularly beneficial for businesses working with bookkeepers or accountants, QuickBooks offers an intuitive interface and broad feature set. Although it caters to businesses of all sizes, its relatively expensive subscription model and limited customer support options might be drawbacks for some users.

Pros of QuickBooks include its widespread usage and compatibility with bookkeepers and accountants, simplifying collaboration and data management. Moreover, its user-friendly interface facilitates easy implementation, minimizing disruptions to business operations.

However, QuickBooks does present some drawbacks. Its subscription model can be relatively expensive, particularly for businesses on tight budgets.

In summary, QuickBooks offers a robust accounting solution with a wealth of benefits for small businesses, yet it is not without its drawbacks, including cost considerations and customer support limitations. Despite these challenges, its overall functionality and ease of use make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking efficient financial management tools.

TurboTax: Specialized Tax Preparation Solutions

TurboTax distinguishes itself from FreshBooks and QuickBooks by specializing in tax preparation services, catering to both individuals and businesses. Its primary focus revolves around simplifying the often complex and daunting task of filing taxes accurately. TurboTax has garnered a reputation for its user-friendly platform, which guides users through the tax preparation process step-by-step, ensuring thoroughness and minimizing errors.

One of TurboTax’s standout features is its extensive customer support, which provides assistance to users throughout the tax filing journey. This support ranges from live chat and phone support to an extensive knowledge base, offering reassurance and guidance to users facing questions or challenges.

TurboTax’s specialization in tax preparation, coupled with its user-friendly platform and robust customer support, positions it as a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking assistance with tax filing.

What software do most accountants use?

Most accountants primarily use QuickBooks, a widely recognized and trusted accounting software. QuickBooks is favored for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and compatibility with various accounting needs. It allows accountants to efficiently manage tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, and financial reporting. With its customizable options, QuickBooks can cater to the specific requirements of businesses of all sizes, from freelancers to bigger businesses.

What is the simplest and easiest accounting software?

For those seeking simplicity and ease in their accounting software, FreshBooks is often hailed as the top choice. Known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, FreshBooks makes managing finances a breeze even for those with limited accounting knowledge. With its straightforward navigation and streamlined features, users can easily handle tasks such as invoicing, expense tracking, and timekeeping without feeling overwhelmed.

FreshBooks stands out for its emphasis on user experience, offering a seamless and hassle-free accounting solution. Its cloud-based platform allows for easy accessibility from anywhere, making it ideal for busy professionals on the go. Additionally, FreshBooks provides excellent customer support and resources to help users navigate any questions or issues they may encounter.


FreshBooks excels in simplifying financial management tasks for freelancers and solo business owners, while QuickBooks offers a versatile solution suitable for small to medium sized businesses. TurboTax specializes in tax preparation, providing a streamlined process for individuals and businesses to file their taxes efficiently. Each software serves distinct purposes, catering to different aspects of financial management and ensuring businesses have the tools they need to succeed.

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