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Microsoft integrates Azure Time Series Insights into Remote Monitoring solution accelerator

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Microsoft is integrating Azure Time Series Insights into Azure IoT Remote Monitoring solution accelerator.

Azure Time Series Insights (TSI) is a fully managed analytics, storage and visualization service used to manage IoT time-series data in cloud. The time series data solutions are critical for data scientists and process engineers in various industries to perform tasks like data analysis, storage, and KPI tracking.

The TSI makes it easier for businesses to explore and analyze a large number of events sources. It can provide a near real-time view of terabytes of data and enable users to validate IoT solutions, so that they can avoid downtime.

Whereas, the Remote Monitoring solution accelerator is an end-to-end monitoring solution for multiple machines in remote locations. It combines Azure services for providing generic implementation of business scenario.

The integrations will enable enterprises to explore device data across all locations and analyze second-by-second changes in the streams. They can easily visualize the telemetry data in TSI explorer by clicking any outgoing links on Remote Monitoring dashboard.

The main aim of integrations is to diagnose the root causes of any anomalies. Enterprises can add other data streams into their view and discover correlation that could help them identify the causes of anomalies.

Further, users will be able to learn from their explorations and set additional rules to ensure that the assets are at their best health.

“Time Series Insights enables an end-to-end experience that will allow you to not only understand when an anomaly has occurred, but also why it has occurred. We look forward to learning about how Time Series Insights has helped your IoT solution become even smarter and to gathering your feedback on this new feature,” wrote Aditi Dugar, Program Manager II, Azure IoT Solution Accelerators, in a blog post.

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The new integrated solutions will be available for deployments at no additional costs. TSI will store all the data from IoT devices, but alarms, rules, and configuration settings will remain in Cosmos DB.

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