Axnet announces expansion of optical fiber connectivity at International Telecoms Week

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Axtel Networks, Axnet, a neutral provider of optical fiber infrastructure solutions in Mexico, announced during the 2023 International Telecoms Week that its network has over 48,000 kilometers of optical fiber coverage, serving 90% of the industrial parks in Mexico, and with presence in 76 cities in the country and connectivity towards the United States through five international border crossings.

“Axnet’s infrastructure is prepared to address the Nearshoring effect and offer innovative and efficient solutions for companies seeking to expand their network, connectivity, and services cost-effectively to enhance their higher-value activities,” said Sergio Cano, Commercial Director of Axnet, during his participation at the International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2023, the world’s most significant telecommunications event held from May 14 to 17 in Maryland, USA.

Axnet has a solid track record in the telecommunications market in Mexico, allowing it to offer solutions ranging from last-mile access links to high-capacity optical links n x 100Gbps, with national operational presence and close communication and commitment guided by certifications, international standards, and best practices.

“Axnet understands that fiber connectivity is key to growing businesses, and our world-class infrastructure allows us to demonstrate our commitment to high-quality telecommunications solutions. Thanks to our network’s wide coverage and capillarity, we provide connectivity for national and international operators, mobile networks, and data centers,” said Cano, Axnet’s Commercial Director.

During its participation in International Telecoms Week (ITW), Axnet reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the continuity of its clients’ operations, becoming the connectivity ally to drive the growth of companies in Mexico and the world.

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