AWS Lake Formation arrives to build secure data lakes faster

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AWS Lake Formation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of AWS Lake Formation service. First introduced at re: Invent in 2018, the AWS Lake Formation is a fully managed service that makes it easy for users to build, secure and manage data lakes.

A data lake is a curated and secure centralized repository for customers where they can store information both in original and processed form for analysis. With data lake, users can eliminate data silos and combine different types of analysis.

“Our customers tell us that Amazon S3 is the ideal place to house their data lakes, which is why AWS hosts more data lakes than anyone else – with tens of thousands and growing every day. They’ve also told us that they want it to be easier and faster to set up and manage their data lakes,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President, Databases, Analytics, and Machine Learning, AWS.

Lake Formation uses predefined models to bring the data into lake from several sources. It first identifies the existing data stored in S3 and databases, then moves the data into Data Lake.  This data is further automatically crawled, classified and prepared for analytics.

This provides a central point of control where users can set up and manage data access policies (who is using the data, and how), governance and control the Amazon S3 as well as multiple analytics engines.

AWS claims that its new data lake service can enable development of data lakes within a few days rather than months.

The Lake Formation manages and controls the tasks as shown in the orange box below, and all integrates these tasks with the data stores and services as shown in the blue boxes.

AWS Lake Formation

Using Lake Formation, enterprises can quickly identify and act upon opportunities, attract and retain customers, boost productivity, manage devices and make faster informed decisions for business growth.

In a recent Aberdeen survey, it was found that organizations who implemented a Data Lake system, outperformed many similar organizations by 9% in organic revenue growth.

AWS Lake Formation is available now in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Europe (Ireland).

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