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AWS and Ava Labs partner to bring scalable blockchain solutions to enterprises and governments

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AWS and Ava Labs have joined forces in a partnership to accelerate the utilization of blockchain across enterprises, institutions, and governments. Ava Labs’ blog post highlighted that not only will AWS support Avalanche’s technological infrastructure and ecosystem of decentralized applications (DApps) but also facilitate easier access for those who wish to run nodes on the Avalanche blockchain.

Avalanche is a fast smart contracts platform that allows Web3 developers to quickly create scalable solutions due to the ground-breaking consensus protocol and cutting-edge subnets. Users can use a unique virtual machine or deploy to the Ethereum Virtual Machine. They can build whatever they want in their own way on the environmentally friendly blockchain created specifically for Web3 developers.

“At AWS, we are all about bringing the most cutting-edge technologies to builders, no matter if they sit in a multi-million-dollar enterprise, a government office, or a dorm. The new capabilities brought by Avalanche enable us to do just that,” said Howard Wright, VP and Global Head of Startups, at AWS. “We’re thrilled to add an innovator like Ava Labs to our partner network and to support new tooling for Avalanche’s infrastructure and ecosystem, helping to expand its adoption to new geographies and customer segments.”

What developers can expect from the AWS-Avalanche partnership

The partnership between Ava Labs and AWS will allow customers to use Ava’s blockchain solutions with AWS’s global infrastructure and security. This is a big step for Ava Labs in their goal to make blockchain technology more mainstream and available to more organizations. Ava Labs also joins AWS Activate, which gives builders in the Avalanche ecosystem access to AWS credits.

Ava Labs will be adding its Subnet deployment to the AWS marketplace as a managed service, allowing individuals and institutions to easily launch their own custom Subnets. This functionality is designed to include a feature that would distribute validators securing the Subnet across different regions and availability zones in order to improve robustness. Subnets are a part of Avalanche’s scaling solution that divert traffic away from the main blockchain. Projects can stake the native token, AVAX while creating their own layer-1 or layer-2 blockchains.

Ava Labs and AWS are also working together on events for entrepreneurs and developers. These events will help people build on Avalanche, even if they’re not technical experts. Some of the events include the Avalanche Summit, Avalanche Creates, and hackathons. The purpose of these events is to give web3 developers and researchers the chance to learn from industry experts and work with other people in order to make their startups and products more successful.

The partnership also shows that there is a lot of interest in decentralized solutions from big corporations and governments, which might encourage other organizations to explore using blockchain technology.

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