Augmented reality trends for 2021

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Augmented reality trends

The internet is shifting to our cameras

In 2020, we saw the use and various applications of augmented reality (AR) grow again. Obviously, the global pandemic has slowed that development somewhat, but everything has not stopped. According to AR Insider, there will be around 811 million active mobile AR (apps, social, webAR) users by the end of 2021.

The AR platforms of Snapchat, Facebook / Insta, Niantic and 8th Wall (webAR) have grown in users and features and have long since surpassed the gimmick content. In 2021, we will see that, in addition to entertainment and fun, AR will increasingly become a utility. Each day we increasingly switch to our camera for a relevant AR experience.

In the trends that I see for 2021, the focus will therefore mainly be on mobile AR, because our smartphone with (new) sensors is and will remain an AR powerhouse.

Snapchat is the uncrowned AR king of 2020

In my trend overview, I noticed that there are a lot of examples of Snapchat in it. I think they have been investing so long and so much in their AR platform like no other social platform. They have made an overview of the campaigns that they think were the most inspiring in 2020.

The top 10 list of the major competitor Spark AR is also very cool. But Snap is also already looking ahead to their claimed “Next Normal”. They made a report with insights so you can connect with the technology and behavior of Gen Z and Millennials. And speaking of that behavior on Snapchat is a 10-part dance show called Move it. With a number of influencers, you learn dance moves and they have made all kinds of lenses that make your dance moves even more magical. Fits in trend 3 ‘Power to the people scan’.

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AR-commerce continues to grow with make-up and the latest line from Adidas

Beauty products for the face such as make-up are very suitable to try out virtually. Wehkamp has now also added this feature called Magic Mirror to its app. Google had previously experimented with this on YouTube so that viewers could try the products of influencers. Now they have also added it to the search results on Google. If you search for a specific product from, for example, L’Oréal, you can try it out in AR right from the search results. Smart!

Try VR glasses for a short period of time

Would you like to rent VR glasses (translation to Dutch: vr huren Flex IT Rent rents out Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and / or packages for trade fairs, events or other business purposes. Link the theme of your event to VR glasses and let your customer experience an unforgettable, realistic visual experience. Next to VR glasses, you can also rent iPhones (translation to Dutch: iphones huren), iPads and many more B2B products.

Send a holographic message from the Netflix movie The Midnight Sky

To promote the new film “The Midnight Sky” (I have not seen it myself) and to extend the viewing experience, Netflix has developed an AR experience with the agency Unit9. On the 8th Wall webAR page, you can record a video message and they put a filter over it so that it looks like a holographic video that others in the house can watch. In the film, they make use of holographic video messages in space.

So, AR is a trend to look forward to in 2021. What do you think?

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