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Arm rolls out Neoverse to support growing infrastructure needs for edge devices

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Arm Neoverse

Arm Holdings has shared a new vision and brand identity to support the growing infrastructure needs for edge computing, 5G networks, hyperscale cloud datacenters, and more.

Dubbed Arm Neoverse, the new vision for a set of processor platforms was announced at its TechCon conference in San Jose, California.

Products developed under Arm Neoverse will provide security, high-performance, and scalability for infrastructure required to support over a trillion intelligent devices.

Today, videos account for 70% of the data traffic on internet. Of which, most of the data is used by people with smartphones. Arm said that traffic pattern is now changing, and sheer magnitude of data is growing significantly. Massive amounts of data will flow into connected devices, and most of that data will need to be analyzed at the edge.

“Today Arm is sending disruptive shockwaves across the cloud, networking and storage world as Arm Neoverse delivers the foundation for the new global infrastructure to enable a trillion connected devices,” said Drew Henry, senior vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm.

“Arm Neoverse IP will enable a broad set of our ecosystem partners to transform infrastructure from cloud to edge and push compute to where it’s most needed, store data where most appropriate, and evolve networking to securely connect this complex world.”

Arm Neoverse will address infrastructure use cases for hyperscale cloud datacenters, storage solutions, 5G networks, edge computing, internet of things, etc.

Products under Arm Neoverse IP will begin rolling out next year. The first one in the list is ‘Ares’ IP platform, which will provide 30% per generation performance improvements. As of now, the company has revealed the names of only three products. The other two products include ‘Zeus’ and ‘Poseidon’.

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Being a leader in semiconductor and software design, Arm has been focusing on designing IP and system architecture for server, automotive, and networking market. Specifically, in infrastructure space, the company is currently holding around 30%-unit share.

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