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ARM acquires IoT connectivity platform Stream Technologies

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ARM acquires Stream

ARM, the leading semiconductor IP company, has acquired the connectivity management technology provider Stream Technologies, with an aim to build an end-to-end IoT platform for managing, connecting, and updating devices.

Stream Technologies provides software to help enterprises optimize the way their internet of things (IoT) devices communicate. Whereas, ARM has its own IoT offering called Mbed IoT Device Management Platform that enables companies to securely develop, provision and manage connected devices at scale.

ARM’s IoT platform is built around the Mbed connected-devices OS which includes a set of cloud services to make it easier to operate large-scale IoT deployments.

By acquiring Stream, ARM will integrate its Mbed IoT Device Management Platform with Stream’s software. ARM said that the joint solution will provide connectivity management for every device regardless of location or network.

“The combination of Stream’s technology with Arm’s Mbed IoT Device Management Platform will provide organizations with a robust end-to-end IoT platform for managing, connecting, provisioning and updating devices that is easily scalable and flexible,” wrote Hima Mukkamala, senior vice president and general manager, IoT Cloud Services, ARM. “This scalability is critical as we move from billions to trillions of connected devices.”

The new solution will help companies to derive real business value from connected devices, which can provide greater efficiency, faster time to market, cost savings and new revenue streams.

Stream allows management of connectivity across all the top wireless protocols like cellular, LoRa, Satellite, etc. through a single user interface.

ARM’s acquisition of Stream is also a step toward its vision of a trillion connected devices by 2035.

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“The addition of the Stream team to Arm accelerates our mission to securely manage IoT complexities from chip to the cloud, enabling our customers to focus their efforts on deriving real actionable insights from the data generated by their connected devices,” added Mukkamala.

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