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Apple GPT, the genAI chatbot from Apple, is poised to challenge OpenAI and Google

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In the dynamic landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading tech companies are investing heavily in Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI-powered chatbots. Apple is reportedly developing its own AI chatbot, tentatively named “Apple GPT”, which is poised to become a direct competitor to similar tools offered by major tech players like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Meta.

The chatbot relies on its proprietary LLM framework, called “Ajax,” hosted on Google Cloud and built with Google JAX for accelerated machine learning research. Apple has multiple teams dedicated to the project, addressing privacy concerns as they develop the technology.

While Apple has integrated AI into its software, with Siri being its most prominent AI system, the company has remained relatively quiet in the generative AI space. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has acknowledged the company’s interest in AI technology, emphasizing the need to address various issues associated with AI products thoughtfully.

The implementation of Apple GPT holds the potential to bring about significant enhancements in various aspects of iPhones, including powerful search capabilities, intelligent camera features, and improved functionality for Siri.

In a parallel development, Meta is collaborating with Microsoft to release Llama 2, an open-source large language model. The release includes model weights and starting code for pre-trained and fine-tuned conversational versions, available for research and commercial use. The partnership with Microsoft strengthens Meta’s focus on generative AI, and Llama 2 is now accessible through various platforms, including Azure AI model catalog, AWS, and Hugging Face.

With an increasing demand for generative AI tools, such as essay drafting and image creation, Apple aims to cater to consumer needs while prioritizing privacy and reliability. As it enters the competition in the AI industry, it will drive further advancements in Generative AI and chatbot technology. Apple is expected to make significant AI-related announcement sometime in 2024.

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