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Alibaba Cloud launches new AI, Big Data, and Cloud solutions in Europe 

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Alibaba Cloud has strengthened its cloud computing presence in Europe with the launch of several new products, during Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona.

The new products cover big data, artificial intelligence, security, private cloud solutions, as well as infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud aims to help European enterprises in their digital transformation efforts.

“Alibaba Cloud wants to be an enabler for technology innovation in Europe helping enterprises do business. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a great opportunity for us refresh our European strategy and consider how we can make an increasing contribution to the digital transformation of enterprises in this market from different sectors with our offerings and expertise,” said Yeming Wang, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Europe.

Below is a brief categorized introduction of the new products:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data:

Image Search is an intelligent service based on machine learning and deep learning. It helps users in finding similar or identical images, such as taking a screenshot and uploading it to find desired products. It is an ideal solution for e-commerce sites and similar platforms.

Intelligent Services Robot is a chatbot platform based on natural language processing (NLP). It enables chatbot based communications, and supports text and voice responses in several languages including English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. It learns from existing chat records to provide accurate answers.

Dataphin is a unified PaaS platform which helps enterprises in intelligent data creation and management at Exabyte scale. It leverages Alibaba’s OneData, OneID and OneService technologies to help businesses in their data intelligence efforts.

  • Infrastructure: 

ECS (Elastic Compute Service) Baremetal Instance is based on Alibaba Cloud’s virtualization technology, which comprises of  virtual server elasticity and features of a bare metal server. It is a scalable high-performance computing service which provides same computing performance as traditional physical servers.

Super Computing Cluster is based on Elastic Bare Metal (EBM) and inter-connectivity of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology. It is used to improve network performance and enhance acceleration of large-scale clusters.

Cloud Enterprise Network is an ideal enterprise solution for high demand network coverage. It provides a hybrid and distributed global network with stable transmission, high transmission speed, and low latency.

  • Private Cloud:

Apsara Stack, an extension of Alibaba Cloud public cloud, will help enterprises to improve the utilization of their on-premises datacenter, and meet the data compliance and sovereignty needs.

  • Security: 

Vulnerability Discovery Service (VDS) is a network vulnerability scanning service based on SaaS model. It can assess the susceptibilities in network assets (domains, subdomains, IPs, ports, protocol service, web components), and mitigate the risks.

These solutions can be used by enterprises in online and offline retail integration, development of smart cities, and smart manufacturing.

Alibaba Cloud is the fastest growing business unit of Alibaba Group that has entered the list of top 5 cloud vendors, generating a revenue of $553 million in final quarter of 2017.

Alibaba Cloud has been investing in Europe market since 2016, when it opened its first availability zone in Frankfurt Germany, followed by another availability zone in the same region. The company showcased the new products at its booth throughout the Mobile World Congress.

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