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Alibaba Cloud eyes digital transformation initiatives in APAC with new products and partner program

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Alibaba Cloud has launched a broad set of new products and a new partner program called ASEAN Partner Alliance Programme to help enterprises digitize their operations.

The new products span the technologies involved with digital transformation initiatives—cloud, machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and security.

The new products include Data Lake Analytics, PAI, IoT Platform, Anti-Bot Service, Hybrid Backup Recovery, Dedicated Host, Smart Access Gateway, Apsara Stack, and Elasticsearch.

  • Data Lake Analytics (DLA)

Based on serverless architecture, DLA is an analytics service that helps enterprises to turn their cloud storage data into insights in Data Lake scenario. It uses SQL interfaces for interaction with user service clients and allows users to analyze data from multiple data sources and locations.

  • Platform for artificial intelligence (PAI)

PAI is a machine learning platform that comes with a set of tools and AI software algorithms, enabling enterprises with limited AI knowledge to make practical use of Alibaba Cloud’s AI capabilities.

  • IoT Platform

Alibaba Cloud’s internet of things (IoT) platform offers secure communication between devices and IoT platform. It helps customers to manage a large number of devices on a single IoT platform.

  • Anti-Bot Service

Alibaba Cloud Security Anti-Bot Service is a web application security service used to detect and identify online scalpers and web crawlers.

  • Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR)

A simple and cost-efficient Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution, the HBR protects customer data in enterprise level datacenters, remote centers, branch offices, and on cloud. It supports data encryption, compression, and deduplication.

  • Dedicated Host

Alibaba Cloud Dedicated Host (DDH) is a dedicated cloud host that allows customers to exercise full control over the physical server.

  • Smart Access Gateway (SmartAG)

SmartAG is a one-stop solution for enterprises to connect local branches to Alibaba Cloud. It allows them to access Alibaba Cloud in encrypted way, and provides an intelligent, reliable and more secure experience in accessing Alibaba Cloud.

  • Apsara Stack

It is a next generation hybrid cloud solution that helps medium and large-size enterprises in creating an open, unified, and reliable cloud environment. Alibaba Cloud delivers Apsara Stack in collaboration with HPE.

  • Elasticsearch

It is an open source tool that features enterprise-level access control, security monitoring, and automatic updates.

The new announcements are more emphasized for Asia Pacific to support the digital transformation practices in the region. Recently, the company launched its second Availability Zone and first cloud-based Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center in Malaysia.

“Asia Pacific is a unique market, and as a global cloud services provider with an Asian origin, we are committed to leverage our knowledge and experience to build a sustainable regional ecosystem and enrich our offerings to meet the needs of our customers in this digital age,” said Derek Wang, Chief Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International.

“This new suite of offering includes products that are highly efficient, cost effective, and some of them are the first of their kind in the industry.”

  • ASEAN Partner Alliance Programme

The new program will develop an ecosystem of technology vendors, service providers, system integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), and startups. It will help them speed up their digital transformation initiatives.

The program will recruit 150 solution partners and train around 600 sales and technology personnel in the coming year to fuel the growth of ecosystem, Alibaba said.

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Alibaba demonstrated the new products on 15th August at the Alibaba Cloud Summit- Infinity 2018 in Singapore.

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