Microsoft incorporates AI-powered Bing into Windows 11 PCs

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Microsoft Corp is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) with its recent initiative to incorporate the AI-powered Bing search engine into Windows computer software. Placing AI at the fingertips of hundreds of users worldwide, this newest revamp brings technological advancement ever closer to everyday life.

With the launch of Windows 11 over a year ago, PC users have experienced unprecedented modernization and connectivity capabilities. Microsoft is continuing to advance this tradition with its incorporation of AI-driven initiatives into our everyday lives – an exciting step forward for both usability and convenience. The most recent update incorporates the capability of the typable Windows search box and upgraded Bing directly into the taskbar, making all your Windows needs accessible from one easy location. With this, you will be empowered to find the answers you’re looking for at a faster pace.

AI-powered bing in Windows 11

Image source: Microsoft

Soon, Windows 11 users will be able to access this incredible new technology that will enable them to search, chat, answer questions, and generate content directly from their Windows taskbar.

AI-powered Bing in mobile and Skype

Recently Microsoft rolled out AI-powered Bing and Edge on your smartphone along with exciting new features like voice input. In addition, it is also creating a new chat experience, to enhance your social communications with your friends and family.

The Bing mobile app is available on iOS and Android phones. When you click on the Bing icon at the bottom, a chat window will come up. You can type in your questions, simple or complicated. Bing will give you answers and sources for those answers. You can pick how you want to see your answers – with bullets, text, or just a summary.

Microsoft has added the voice search feature to Bing to provide more versatility in how you can deliver prompts and receive answers from Bing.

Microsoft has introduced the upgraded Bing in Skype to better assist you while collaborating with friends and family around the world. The new Bing in Skype can help people by understanding more than 100 languages and being able to translate them. It will also answer questions for you in real time. However, at present, it is available worldwide in preview mode.

What can the improved Bing search do?

The new Bing can help users in the following ways:

Better search: Improved Bing search offers more relevant results for simple topics and a new sidebar for comprehensive answers.

Complete answers: Bing finds and summarizes the answer you’re looking for by reviewing results from across the web.

A new chat experience: For more complex searches, the new Bing offers a new chat experience that empowers you to refine your search to get the complete answer you require by asking for more details, clarity, and ideas.

A creative spark: Develop creative content and see links to online sources with all their original references so that you can cite them.

New Microsoft Edge experience: The Edge browser is updated with new AI capabilities and a new look. Microsoft has added two new functionalities: Chat and Compose. The Edge Sidebar can be used for tasks like getting a quick summary of lengthy reports and the chat function can help you in comparison or create tables etc. Compose feature helps create content by providing prompts. Edge can read the webpage it is on, adapting accordingly.

To see how the new Bing can empower you, join the preview by signing up on the waitlist.

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