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AI in Environment Tech: Does AI technology saves our Environment?

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AI in Environment Tech: Does AI technology saves our Environment?
Nibedita Mal
Thu, 07/08/2021 – 22:13


Today AI is a very popular technology in the world. In simple words, the intelligence demonstrated by machines is called Artificial Intelligence. Using AI machines are programmed to learn and imitate the actions of humans, they are able to perform and make decisions like us. Ai is a technology that can make computers, humanoid robots, and computerized machines.

AI helps Environment:

Electric Cars:

Most of us use fuel vehicles which depend on basically diesel and petrol. If we use those vehicles then, Petroleum will be running out soon and cars release a lot of hydrocarbons, CO, and NO2 which is harmful to us and nature.

So, Using AI, Tesla has launched an electric vehicle. The electric car is fast catching up with involving Hybrid & plug-in power ability. Tesla Model 3 is the world’s best-selling battery-electric car.

Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla and private space exploration front-runner SpaceX told, “The whole point of Tesla is to accelerate the advent of electric vehicles and sustainable transport,” he said. “We’re trying to help the environment; we think it’s the most serious problem that humanity faces.”

Renewable Energy:

Since the beginning of non-renewable resources, we are using them. For this reason, the fossil fuel and coal will be finished up soon & using it pollution increase more on today so, we need a backup. Through AI we make renewable energy (solar energy, wind & hydroelectric power) which is sustained forever.

Another example of AI-led renewable energy solutions is in storage. Storage is predicted to be core to energy technologies of the future – with smart, centralized control centres interconnected with devices to collect a large amount of data.

Monitoring the Environment:

Environing monitoring is possible for AI to track adherence to regulations. Through Drones and satellites, we can make sure what is happening in our locality to news of the world.  Harvard Business Review authors explain that “Monitoring and analysing energy use can reveal operating issues that affect costs, performance, and quality.”

Even we can catch the illegal business of wild animals through satellite and stop it. In forest areas using drones, we can protect various species of animals.

Saves Forest:

For smartphones, computers & cloud storage, we are using much fewer papers. Nowadays we get all bank transaction details, bills etc. through our smartphones and computers. And we all know how a paper makes, if we decrease the usage of papers then deforestation will automatically decrease.

How does AI create a paperless world? The Forbes Digital Council told there are two strategies: “One is to convert existing paper documents to digital. The other is not using paper in the first place.”


So, AI helps us to achieve a pollution-free environment. In future, we maybe get a sustainable and healthier environment.




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