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AI and digital transformation to rapidly drive enterprise workloads to public cloud: LogicMonitor survey

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According to a new survey “Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud” by LogicMonitor, a majority of enterprises are planning to migrate their workloads from datacenter to cloud.

In November 2017, the SaaS platform provider LogicMonitor surveyed 88 US industry influencers and 195 AWS re:Invent attendees to predict the future of the cloud.

Here are the top takeaways from the report:

  • Maximum workload will run on public cloud

The survey report reveals that the public cloud market is now in hyper growth, and by 2020, the maximum workload will run on public cloud (41%), like AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, etc.

On the other hand, 20% and 22% of IT workloads will run on private cloud and hybrid cloud, respectively. Currently, 37% of workloads run on-premises, however it will decrease by 10% by 2020.

  • AI and digital transformation will drive further cloud adoption

Why do enterprises adopt public cloud? Although, we all are aware that cloud adoption is increasing at a rapid pace, the further cloud adoption will be driven by artificial intelligence (66%), IT agility (64%), and digital transformation (62%). The other significant factors to drive cloud adoption are mobility (59%), emergence of internet of things (58%), and DevOps (57%).

“Today public cloud offers a simpler, more flexible infrastructure model.  But when you tell me AI is the biggest driver by 2020 I start to think that enterprises are looking to the cloud as a services platform.  Rather than build AI they will look to the cloud to offer the AI services they need to couple with their applications
,” said Jeff Behl, Chief Product Officer, LogicMonitor

  • Security: the biggest challenge for organizations adopting cloud

The growth of public cloud comes with its own set of challenges. Enterprises are still wondering as to how secure is the public cloud.

Thus, security (66%) is the biggest roadblock to cloud adoption for organizations.

Followed by security, the other big challenges the respondents mentioned were- Governance and compliance (60%), lack of cloud expertise among staff (58%), privacy (57%), vendor lock-in (47%), etc.

  • AWS to dominate the market

A few months back, Gartner research revealed that AWS held over 44% of the market share in 2016. The LogicMonitor survey found something similar.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will lead the cloud market by 2020, holding 52% of the market share. The market share-hold for Microsoft Azure (21%) and Google Cloud Platform (18%) were polled less.

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It will be interesting to see how public cloud adoption evolves in the next three years. You can read the full report here.

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