Taking advantage of IoT in your small business

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Advantage of IOT

IoT is an acronym for the “Internet of Things.” IoT uses physical sensors, embedded systems, and software to connect ordinary or everyday objects through the internet. It is a way to make regular objects perform complex tasks to optimize business processes.

IoT tools use automation, wireless sensors, machine learning, and other technology to connect multiple devices. IoT helps businesses and people to live smarter and work smarter. It helps business owners retain greater control over their companies and brings several advantages for a business.

This article will talk about how you can implement IoT in your business. The implementation of IoT in your business might cost some money, but a small business loan can help you out.

Advantages of IoT for a small business

Here are the advantages of implementing IoT for a business:

1. Better management of energy and resources

You can configure light bulbs in your office premises to only light up whenever a door opens, or someone walks in. You can also configure heaters to do the same. Can configure to adjust accordingly depending on the number of people to walk into a store via sensors placed at the door. This will save you a lot of money in energy bills. It also helps to conserve the environment and preserve the planet.

2. Complete and easy remote control of machinery and equipment

With IoT, you can control equipment and lighting from your smartphone and laptop anywhere you are. You can also create unique profiles for your staff and guests.

3. Streamlined processes and improved delivery time

IoT can notify backroom staff the moment a customer walks in and enables them to start preparing their order immediately. For example, some restaurants have tablets on their tables that patrons can touch for their orders, and the kitchen staff will see them and attend to their demands. IoT can also signal restaurant managers whenever a table has run out of salt, napkins, and other materials. You can integrate IoT to cameras to signify whenever a table has not been attended to when a customer is about to finish eating etc.

4. Real-time gathering, processing, and recording of data

IoT devices gather data, process it, and record it in real-time for your usage. This helps for better data analysis and monitoring. Businesses can have tiny IoT tags on their products that record whenever a customer picks up a product or puts it down. This allows for faster checkout and customer assistance. Suppose a customer picks a product without buying it. In that case, the product can be recorded, and an advert can be sent for the product later.

5. Monitoring and controlling of business processes without a physical presence

IoT allows you to monitor your business processes and make changes even when you aren’t on the business premises. You could be on vacation and still see everything going on in your business, along with the information on allocated and remaining resources. IoT sensors can also be placed on machinery to notify you when scheduled or due for repairs and maintenance.

6. Automation of tasks

IoT helps with task automation and reduces the need for human interference in several things. This will save a lot of time and money that would have been spent on additional hires.

7. Better inventory management

You get alerted when inventory is about to get depleted, and you can place orders for inventory when required. This reduces your inventory ordering costs, carrying costs, and holding costs. It also enables you to maximize your economic order quantity.

8. Money savings

IoT helps businesses to save money in several ways. Whenever resources are managed better and processes are streamlined, companies save money.

9. Improvement of customer experience

IoT allows businesses to attend to customers faster and improve the overall customer experience. This will keep customers returning to a company, which will bring about overall profitability to a business.

10. Increased business productivity

IoT helps businesses to accomplish things faster and meet targets and business goals faster.

11. Enabling better business decisions

IoT can help businesses make better business decisions that will position the business as a stake maker.

12. Wide range of applications

IoT can be used for several use cases and in various industries, from retail to healthcare to agriculture. So, no matter what industry your business is in, IoT can help you.

How to get funding to implement IoT in your business

You have several options for funding IoT implementation in your business. You can obtain a small business loan, equipment financing loan, personal loan, equity investment, and more. Any loan or investment taken is worth it because the Internet of Things will make your business stand out from others and prepare it to take on the 21st-century business challenges.


Implementing IoT in your business will bring you a whole lot of advantages. You can implement IoT gradually in your business and add more devices as your business expands. A small business loan can help you make the expansion faster than usual.

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