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Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. Launches First Self-Healing Platform of Its Kind, Simplifying Workload Automation

New Super REST API Adapter takes ActiveBatch API to the next level

Company acquires JSCAPE to enable organizations to automate even more business processes

MORRISTOWN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ITPprocesses–Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. (ASCI), creators of industry-leading workflow automation software ActiveBatch, today announced that the company will become the first of its kind to deliver an intelligent, self-healing workflow automation platform. The ActiveBatch platform will enable preemptive error detection and proactive troubleshooting so that organizations can ultimately reduce their support tickets to zero. The new, advanced capabilities will build on top of ActiveBatch’s full range of features and functions designed to simplify workload automation and extend the life of systems for companies at all stages of digital transformation. The company also announced the release of its Super REST API Adapter and acquisition of managed file transfer (MFT) leader, JSCAPE.

The new Self-Healing Platform will recognize issues and report on the user’s environment, telling them what’s working, what’s changing and what’s broken – or what soon will be broken. Ultimately, ActiveBatch will be able to self-update and send proactive, AI-powered fixes so that it all runs seamlessly and support tickets move to zero.

“There has been so little innovation in the workflow automation space, despite tremendous advances in software and applications. We saw an opportunity to rectify this with incredibly advanced technology that is easy to use and offers immediate value,” said Reed Overfelt, CEO of ASCI. “Trying to integrate, automate and manage systems, applications and services across an organization is unwieldy, and something is always breaking. With our new Self-Healing Platform, users will gain the ability to predict and fix issues before they become problems. We believe this is an absolute gamechanger for our workload automation customers.”

The new Self-Healing Platform will analyze anonymized customer data, using it to identify and track trends and then proactively deploy fixes to affected customers. It is the only such offering for the workflow automation market, and ASCI will phase its rollout of capabilities over the coming months to bring customers along as they are ready.

Next Level Super REST API Adaptor Makes Connections Simple

ASCI has also developed a new Super REST API Adapter, which provides the capability to establish connections to any software or service with an API, efficiently enabling automation for any endpoint. This future-proofs automation by ensuring that companies can reliably connect to any endpoint or technology as their organization grows.

Designed to accelerate the use of APIs, the intuitive, feature-rich UI includes a variety of helpers to guide users through setup. This includes icons that explain functionality, flags that identify errors and drop-down lists that allow you to quickly select variables and properties.

The Super REST API Adapter simplifies the authentication process with a list of built-in helpers for commonly used predefined values. DevOps teams can now easily create resilient, reusable API jobs. The Super REST API Adapter comes with everything necessary for rapid deployment, reducing time spent on building connections and resulting in significant cost savings.

JSCAPE Acquisition Furthers Vision and Extends Reach

Additionally, ASCI recently acquired JSCAPE, an industry-leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) company, that will enable ASCI to deliver transformational technology to an MFT market that has experienced limited innovation in recent years. JSCAPE’s technology already assists a wide swath of customers, particularly across highly regulated industries such as financial services and trading firms, healthcare and insurance.

By bringing JSCAPE’s technology under ASCI’s platform, the company can now offer its customers an integrated FTP server, industry-leading MFT functionality and monitoring. This new offering will help customers automate even more of their business processes.

“We are excited to offer our customers the many workload automation and job scheduling tools that ActiveBatch has,” said JSCAPE CEO Van Glass. “Our MFT solution will be another great tool in ActiveBatch’s industry-leading workload automation software offering.”

ASCI’s ActiveBatch currently integrates with enterprise IT and business applications across an organization, giving users the ability to bring their entire tech stack under a single pane of glass. It serves as a central automation hub for scheduling and monitoring to make business-critical systems, such as CRM, ERP, supply chain management, work order management, project management and consulting systems, work together seamlessly with minimal human intervention. ActiveBatch currently powers workload automation for global leaders such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bosch, Deloitte, Subway and Verizon, removing the integration obstacles that hinder digital transformation.

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About Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) is the creator of ActiveBatch software, which helps organizations automate and manage their business and IT processes in a single platform. ASCI enables companies to reduce costs, both by eliminating human error and by allowing them to redeploy resources into more high-value tasks. Learn more at


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