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Acronis deeply integrates its data protection capabilities with Microsoft cloud services

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Acronis is teaming up with Microsoft to deeply integrate its data protection and backup services with Microsoft’s cloud services and products.

Data protection is the number one priority for businesses using cloud services. Being a leading hybrid cloud data protection and storage services provider, Acronis aims to help organizations around the world with comprehensive backup and recovery solutions.

Acronis’ partnership with Microsoft will help service providers and customers to more easily store the data on Azure cloud.

With the upcoming versions of Acronis products, Microsoft Azure will be available as a storage destination option along with Acronis Cloud and public cloud services from other vendors.

Currently, Acronis partners and customers need to manually install and configure Acronis Backup Gateway in order to use Azure for data storage. The partnership will enable a native integration of Acronis data protection solutions with Azure services.

With the partnership, service providers will be able to purchase Azure storage directly from Microsoft, and can also opt to buy it from Acronis as part of a single invoice.

The native integration will help service providers and Microsoft partners to generate more revenue by upselling data protection services to existing customers.

“A lot of products that we build deliver value to clients using Microsoft technology. With easy, reliable and efficient backup and built-in security in the form of active protection against ransomware, our clients enjoy the complete protection of their data,” said John Zanni, President at Acronis.

“Adding Azure as a native storage destination increases their options, making Acronis solutions even more attractive to use. For any organization that has built their strategy on Microsoft, this is great news.”

Additionally, Microsoft will also integrate Acronis Active Protection solution with its artificial intelligence (AI) functionality. Acronis claims that Active Protection has prevented around 200,000 ransomware attacks in last one year alone.

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“By using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and AI tools/services with the Acronis Backup service, Acronis will be able to work on bringing valuable analytics services to market, so their customers can understand and manage their data much more effectively,” said Steve Guggenheimer, VP of Microsoft AI business.

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