Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 with enhanced cyber protection features to help MSPs meet evolving data protection needs of customers

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Acronis Data Cloud 7.8

Backup software and data protection solutions provider – Acronis, recently announced version 7.8 of Acronis Data Cloud Platform with over 80 new features and advancements.

Acronis Data Cloud is a turnkey solution that equips Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a single, easy-to-use and secure data protection platform to safeguard end users against increasing cyber-threats.

Evolving the platform further, Acronis released the new 7.8 version with some unimaginable capabilities and functionalities that will empower MSPs with a reliable data protection solution, allowing them to easily deliver more capable and secure cyber protection to their end customers.

Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 features update include majorly five enhancements that will help end users and MSPs extend their cloud data protection business.

Extended security to Office 365 applications

The new version can protect customer and business data in the most popular Office 365 apps – OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

Per Acronis, customers and businesses need to ensure that the data in Office apps is completely secure and readily accessible. This also brings the requirement of third-party applications to protect and backup the data.

Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 will act as single solution that can secure data in Office apps too, thus reducing the need to use multiple backup software.

Physical data shipping feature for initial seeding

Under the new version update, Acronis has also introduced – physical data shipping service for facilitating quick yet secure initial seeding. This is ideal for cloud backup for slower networks.

MSPs can save the initial backup to a hard drive and ship it to Acronis data centers. End-to-end encryption ensures that the data is safe during transit, till it gets stored in cloud.

Improved DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Disaster Recovery (DR) ensures speedy recovery of critical data during any disaster and is must for business continuity. Service providers need to enable DR for their customers and with reduced recovery times.

Acronis Data Cloud is equipped with DRaaS so that businesses can continue important functions remotely in cloud till the traditional systems are restored.

The version 7.8 has now further improved the recovery times with a new feature called runbooks. It simplifies and automated the recovery plans. MSPs can now improve SLAs and meet tighter RTOs.

Enhanced Ransomware Protection

Acronis was the first data protection company to offer an anti-ransomware protection based on AI i.e. Acronis Active Protection.

Per the company, Active Protection defense was able to stop more than 400,000 attacks in 2018. In version 7.8, this has been further enhanced with protection against encryption and automatic recovery of files in network share. This will prevent domino effect of any infected file across the entire organization. With this, MSPs will be able to offer inside and out protection to its end customers.

Acronis Notary Cloud

MSPs have to deal with the pressing concern of data authenticity. Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 new feature – Acronis Notary Cloud, will help them address this issue. It is a blockchain based service that can be used for e-signing, notarization and data verification.

With this, the end user will be able to check the authenticity of a file and its existence at any specific point of time. By creating a digital fingerprint for files and storing it in public blockchain ledger, the Notary Cloud generates verifiable evidence of its integrity and timestamp.

The announcement of Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 is a great news for the MSPs who can now deliver data protection with more efficiency to their end customers.

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