Accenture and Pivotal’s new Business Group to help enterprises adopt cloud-native technology, accelerate software development

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Accenture and Pivotal Software Inc. recently announced a new business group – The Accenture Pivotal Business Group, that will help Fortune Global 500 companies and other large enterprises to fast-track software development and innovate at a startup velocity.

The new business group will allow companies to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud. It will also help in accelerating cloud-native application development on PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry) – Pivotal’s open source cloud-native platform, operated and managed by Accenture, backed with Pivotal’s software development methodology.

With PCF, enterprises will be able to deploy applications to various cloud platforms including public, private and even bare-metal servers without any changes to the application.

Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s chief technology & innovation officer, believes that the platform will help enterprises increase the pace of their digital transformation.

He said, “Together we will help clients adopt cloud-native technology, build software at scale, and use an iterative, high-speed model, enabling them to be more agile, disruptive and competitive.

Most of the organizations face the problem of meeting customers’ demand in a highly dynamic market scenario while keeping pace with the increasing cloud migration. The group will help such organizations by combining the skills, capabilities and experience required to help clients redesign their legacy IT applications and modernize them.

APBG’s product teams will enable customers to work simultaneously with Accenture experts like product managers, engineers etc. who are already trained in Pivotal’s software development methodology.

Rob Mee, Pivotal’s CEO, said, “The Accenture Pivotal Business Group’s vision is to help the world’s largest enterprises move at startup speed to respond to customer expectations and bring new ideas to market faster. We will help clients continuously improve the software applications that run their businesses, freeing them to focus on higher-value aspects of their businesses while dramatically increasing developer productivity and operational efficiencies.

Accenture and Pivotal plan to open two support locations of APBG by the year end – one in Columbus, Ohio, and another in the New York City. The companies further plan to invest significantly in APBG over the coming years.

Pivotal, over these years has been investing highly to grow PCF adoption. This includes Rackspace offering the managed version of PCF, and Pivotal and Cognizant collaboration to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption.

Accenture also has been focusing towards improving enterprise cloud experience and had recently announced a partnership with Vlocity for industry cloud solutions.

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