Accenture acquires Mindtribe and Pillar Technology for digital transformation initiative

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Accenture, Mindtribe, and Pillar Technology

Accenture is expanding its Industry X.0 digital initiative with the acquisition of Mindtribe and Pillar Technology. With the move, the management consulting firm aims to help enterprises innovate smart, connected software and hardware products.

Based in San Francisco, Mindtribe is a hardware engineering firm with expertise in embedded software development, mechanical and electrical engineering, product realization and rapid prototyping. Mindtribe produces connected hardware devices integrated with digital services.

On the other hand, Pillar Technology is a smart embedded software company with its headquarter in Columbus, Ohio. The company provides development and testing of enterprise-grade applications, software platforms for physical products, as well as digital services engineering for hardware products.

Accenture’s Industry X.0 is a new digital transformation initiative that supports companies across several industries in shifting to digital solutions. The acquisitions of Mindtribe and Pillar will further boost the Accenture’s ability to help companies redefine smart connected software and hardware products.

“Products are no longer simply physical things – they are evolving to be connected platforms that are powered by artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cloud and edge computing,” said Mike Sutcliff, group chief executive, Accenture Digital.

“With our Industry X.0 capabilities, we are helping our clients create the products of the future with the required expertise in digital technologies, software development, product engineering, as well as user experience and product design. These acquisitions will fuel our drive to become a leader in developing connected products and services.”

Mindtribe’s team of 40 people can provide faster user value and shorten the development cycles. Whereas, Pillar’s team of 320 people can provide rapid development of user-friendly embedded software used in smart and connected products. The acquisitions follow the launch of a new Industry X.0 innovation in metro Detroit.

“Mindtribe has always sought to build groundbreaking connected products and services, and we are proud to be behind some of the world’s most high-profile product successes,” said Steve Myers, CEO of Mindtribe.

“Now, 20 years after the foundation of Mindtribe, the most exciting part of our journey is still ahead of us, and we are looking forward to moving ahead as part of the Accenture Industry X.0 team.”

Accenture said that Pillar Technology will also bring along a unique approach called “The Forge”. It’s a network of business strategists, creatives, software artisans, and clients to collaborate and solve business problems in a no-constraints think tank.

“Our ambition is to provide the best possible software – embedded or connected – at lightning speed.  We focus on value and fast feedback loops that puts user experience at the forefront,” said Bob Myers, CEO of Pillar Technology.

“Joining Accenture‘s Industry X.0 practice will allow us to bring this focus on speed-to-value to even more clients. We’re excited to be a part of how Industry X.0 will help clients reach new heights in the U.S. and globally.”

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Accenture has completed the acquisition of Mindtribe, while the completion of Pillar’s acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. The financial terms of the deals were not disclosed.

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