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95% IT professionals feel AI can make their job easier: MemSQL survey 

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MemSQL, a real-time data warehouse provider, in collaboration with O’Reilly Media, conducted a survey on the adoption of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

Over 1600 IT professionals responded to the survey, and 88% of them said that their company either had implemented AI and ML within their organization, or had plans to do so. Of those still in the planning phase, 95% believed that AI and machine learning would make it easier to do their job, instead of making their role harder.

Of the respondents who were currently using AI in their business, 58% said that they use it to run models in production, followed by 50% who used it to test solutions.

AI survey

Image source: MemSQL

When asked about most significant data initiative for the organization for next year, 61% responded AI and ML, closely followed by big data and business analytics (58%).

74% data professionals believed that AI/ML is a game-changer, and can transform their industry.

Over 77% of respondents were using AI and ML in their organizations with a short-term goal of creating new models.

41% of respondents from organizations who were yet to adopt AI, indicated that they had no plans to implement AI and machine learning for a year or more. Only 9% of them expected it to be implemented within next three months.

The responses from the survey suggested that some organizations (especially small enterprises) were not using AI due to lack of talented data science professionals.

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“As ML and AI technologies spread through organizations, the need for data scientists and other technical professionals is growing. To make the jobs of these professionals easier, they will need to assess the technology infrastructure stacks already in place to support the new technologies,” wrote MemSQL in a blog post.

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