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7 reasons why you need a ecommerce mobile app in 2021

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7 reasons why you need a ecommerce mobile app in 2021
Thu, 07/08/2021 – 18:18

Does your E-commerce business have an app? Or is it still relying on the website? Do you know what it might cost your business to not have a dedicated mobile app for your business?

A lot of businesses makes the mistake of not developing a Mobile app for their services and relies totally on Mobile site for acquiring mobile users. This is a bad practice and should be resolved in time as you would be losing a lot of potential customers because of this.

As the E-commerce industry thrives, players in the market are looking for new and new ways to indulge with their customers and to generate a positive brand image. All the major E-commerce sites have a Mobile app present to answer a user’s need, it’s the small and medium scale E-commerce markets, which lose it, and thus lag furthermore in competition to these Giants. 

According to the reports by eMarketer, Just Mobile eCommerce is expected to hit $3.5 trillion by the end of 2021. It also suggested that. 72% of customers will be Mobile users connecting to the services through their Mobiles. 

So If you are an E-commerce business company, having a mobile app will boost your business substantially. Not only the numbers will grow, but your brand image will also be elevated. You can reach a large number of potential customers by having a mobile app developed for Android and iOS.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you need a mobile app for your E-commerce website.

Customer Experience

Nowadays customers want a personalized and consistent user experience across multiple devices. This can easily be solved by developing an E-commerce Mobile app, which can then be installed by the users. This app will give you loads of data about user inclinations, their search history and their interests. The data can then be processed through AI and ML to generate a tailored app experience for the users. This will not only elevate the user’s app experience but also help you show user-specific ads to garner more sales.

Marketing Tool 

Android or iOS is not just a robust representative of your online business on the customer’s smartphone. and A user-friendly eCommerce app also acts as a cost-effective marketing tool. You can also keep your customers updated with amazing order status, payment receipts, discounts, or promotional offers through push notifications. You can also run app-based promotional campaigns in which you can offer special discounts on in-app purchases. 

An app is the best marketing tool you can have in an E-commerce Market. Having both the platforms covered, i.e, iOS and Android, your user-friendly app will make a great marketing tool. You can update your customers about their order, shipment, date of arrival, discounts, and promotional offers. Not only this, you can launch products on your platform and notify exclusively your app’s user through push notifications. A flawless Ecommerce mobile app says a lot about the professionalism of the company thus helping you Gartner more customers.

Brand Building

Making it big is what every E-commerce platform aims for. By building an app for your E-commerce platform can help you build a brand out of your business. A good app development strategy can help you include all the latest and tech-savvy features of the present. This will present your company as a more professional and forward-looking company that aims for the best. Thus elevating the brand value of your business. A beautiful UI/UX design and customer-oriented approach will greatly help in enhancing brand reputation

Higher Conversion Rate

This is needless to say that majority of customers in the E-commerce market use a mobile app to interact and use their services. By having a mobile app for your E-commerce business, you can achieve higher levels of conversions, thus resulting in higher sales and revenue. A customer expects a good User interface and a seamless experience while surfing through items, ordering something, or during payment. All these need to be in proportion to the customer’s needs. By adding wallets and other payment options, you can ease up the process of payment thus elevating conversion rates. 

More Efficiency

Not only the app increases the brand value and enables higher conversion rates, but it also promotes efficiency in the system. An item out of stock can easily be notified and thus can be brought back to the warehouse before any loss of potential customers. It can also enable streamlining order management, inventory checking, and much more.

Better Service

If you are targeting  Millennials or Generation Z, you need to offer astounding types of assistance and instant customer care service. You need to give them all advanced features to make their shopping experience rich and intriguing and for that, you can rely on an E-commerce Mobile application.  Aside from providing a rich shopping experience, your clients can get customer support through an underlying assistance work area or client assistance in your application 24×7. The Mobile app development firm can coordinate with APIs to offer much-needed features to increase the utility of the app.

Loyal Customer base

It is hard for your clients to recall your site’s URL and Moble applications give users a better option to connect to your services. By installing your app, users will have your services at the tip of their fingers.

Along with the ease of connection, you can also run various loyalty and reward programs for users directly through the app. These programs will exclusively be for your mobile app users hence increasing the loyalty towards your company.

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