7 industries that could benefit the most from online fax

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Faxing as a way of sending documents had gained popularity due to its security and convenience. However, innovations and improvements in technology exposed the downside of faxing such as slow speed. Also, you had to be physically operating the fax machine to send documents.

For some time, the usage of faxes had significantly reduced as people opted for faster options such as email. These new ways provided more convenient document transfer but brought several concerns about data security such as hacking. As a result, many industries are reverting to using faxes. This time, faxing took advantage of the improved technology, and it’s now possible to send fax online by being connected through fax software as well as through emails.

Industries That Should Adopt Online Fax

Due to the benefits of online faxing such as secure data transfer, several industries have adopted it, and many others are looking to head that way. Here’s a list of some industries and businesses set to benefit the most from online fax:

1. Healthcare

One sector that holds some of the most important client information is the healthcare industry. The data are usually crucial in treatment procedures and other areas where medical records could be required. Thus, the value of these sensitive details has made it lucrative for hackers and other attackers as they can sell them for large sums.

Another concern in the healthcare industry is the data have to be shared with different people, some of whom work remotely. This is mainly done through emails, which is a prime target for phishing attacks. Therefore, to help reduce such cases, online faxing could be an excellent option for sending patient data to authorized personnel because faxing offers a more secure transmission.

2. Law Firms

Law firms are mainly characterized by paperwork regarding evidence, agreements, and general client information. Most of the time, the need to share these files with clients, courts, and other people arises. As such, there needs to be a secure way to transfer those files to protect against alteration, hacking, or stealing of data.

Faxing is one of the most convenient ways of sending, considering they’re mostly kept in paperwork. Therefore, a computer with fax software can be connected to a scanner, then the document will be scanned and sent to the receiving address.

Besides ensuring security, it also makes it easy for the recipient as the document is printed out at their end without saving again. Straightforward document transmission can build good rapport in your law firm.

3. Business Marketing

Most businesses always want to connect to customers and prospects at a personal level to convert them to buyers. Strategies such as email marketing have been adequate to some extent, but businesses face competition from other email marketers. Therefore, when customers open their inbox, your email is in a pool of other messages and can quickly be seen as spam or be unnoticed.

However, online faxing could work as direct mail and give marketers an edge over their competitors because the message is printed out as a hard copy, so it’s easy to notice. The prospect then gets the marketing message and can connect to your business as a buyer.

4. Banking Institutions

One of the major security protocols in banking is signature verification. Customers need to sign documents before approving any transaction. This protocol is essential in ensuring the banks are compliant with government regulations and maintaining public confidence. This helps to keep banks in business.

Therefore, one of the most important ways to get signatures from customers who aren’t in the bank is by faxing them, then they can fax back after signing. In addition, some customers aren’t familiar or comfortable with other digital banking systems, and they’d still rely on papers. This has made online faxing important in banking.

5. Government Institutions

Different government institutions always send or receive documents of significant importance, so there’s always a need for security and verification. For example, a business may be required to show evidence of tax compliance, and the best way to do it is by having physical proof of a signed document. To get this, you can request the department to fax the compliance certificate, so it’s printed on your end.

Moreover, while these government departments may opt for other methods such as sending documents through mail, online faxing can have the same results in less time. It also reduces the costs incurred when delivering mails.

6. Real Estate

The real estate market involves relators connecting sellers and buyers. During this period, many documents such as titles, home photos, and many others are often shared between different parties. By using online faxes, realtors can connect with clients across different platforms without much trouble.

They can also personalize each sales pitch depending on what the buyer needs. And because the fax is printed out on the receiver’s end, attention is drawn. Hence, there’s a high chance of home sellers communicating to buyers and selling their homes faster.

7. Investment Funds

Investment fund managers always deliver important messages to their clients regarding investments. Of course, other methods such as phone calls and emails can be used during the communication, but phone calls can be missed, and high charges can be incurred in cases where the manager needs to call many people.

Emails can also be filtered out as spam or investors can fail to notice those messages. However, if the managers opt for online fax, they’ll present the messages to the stakeholders in a physical form. Also, these documents can be filed and revised.


Online faxing has the potential to revolutionize document sending. Just as the previous version offered a secure and personalized way to send paperwork, the software version also offers these. However, the online platform has more to it as it can combine with email and be sent remotely.

These seven industries aren’t the only ones that can benefit from online services. Several others can adopt online fax and attain a secure and personalized transmission. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you incorporate online fax in your industry.

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