CELLSMART research reveals that peak 5G download speeds reached nearly 1 Gbps

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5G download speeds

CELLSMART, which is the cellular intelligence division of SmartCIC, recently launched its latest Global Cellular Performance Survey, revealing that maximum 5G download speeds available in the field reached nearly 1 Gbps. According to the test results, Norway (994 Mbps) and Spain (993.60 Mbps) topped the rankings for maximum 5G download speeds for indoors and outdoors. This was followed by the USA and Austria with outdoor tests delivering 966.00 Mbps and 921.10 Mbps respectively.

Peak 5G upload speeds showed 35% increase, from 109 Mbps (Netherlands) in the 2022 survey to 146.75 Mbps (US) in outdoor tests. In Norway and the Philippines outdoor speed tests showed latency of less than 10ms.  Following this is US (10ms), China (11ms) and France (11ms). 5G still provides hyper-asymmetrical test results showing average outdoor download speed of 210.05 Mbps compared to 26.78 Mbps outdoor upload speed.


  1. Spain – 993.00
  2. USA – 966.00
  3. Austria – 921.10
  4. France – 803.96
  5. Norway – 789.00


  1. Norway – 994.00
  2. France – 898.00
  3. Spain – 753.00
  4. USA – 735.00
  5. Germany – 619.00

The survey results demonstrate that 5G is maturing and beginning to deliver on its promise of 1 Gbps download speeds. On some 5G networks, consumers can download an entire high-definition TV episode in eight seconds while businesses can benefit from lightning-fast application performance. These aren’t lab results. We’re seeing these speeds in the field today,” says Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC. “Maximum upload speeds have also increased since our last survey and they are showing that cellular networks are ready to deliver fixed wireless access solutions. Service providers and enterprises just need to know what is available on-the-ground where they operate.”

The 2023 CELLSMART Global Cellular Performance Survey is based on data collected from 21,456 network speed tests conducted in 67 countries and 1,350 unique locations from 25 March 2022 and 31 October 2022. The survey captures actual performance across cellular technologies worldwide. CELLSMART uses the data collected in its planning, network selection and service development and monitoring for fixed wireless enterprise customers.

Telemovel in Portugal dominates the global carrier rankings with an average download speed of 545.38 Mbps, significantly outstripping 10th-placed Mint Mobile in the US at 138%. Singtel came in a close second at 417 Mbps. All other carriers in the top 10 are located in Western Europe or North America. Telstra Mobile in Austria boasts the highest average upload speed of 103.30 Mbps, while Finetwork in Spain is at the second place with 84.58 Mbps.


Telemovel                  Portugal                     545.38

Singtel                       Singapore                  417.00

T-Mobile                     USA                           351.69

Meo                            Portugal                     350.52

Telia Norge               Norway                       323.85

“We will see consistent 1 Gbps download speeds and upload speeds of 100 Mbps in 2023. That will be a milestone for both 5G and the entire mobile industry. As download speeds continue to increase, we anticipate upload speeds to rise, especially as fixed wireless access becomes increasingly recognised as a revenue driver and margin opportunity. Overtime, there will be greater emphasis on the B2B opportunity in 5G and in turn upload speeds will become a greater priority,” said Forman.

Download full report here.

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